2017 AUDI Q3 Oil Reset Service and Inspection via ODIS

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2017 AUDI Q3 Oil Reset Service and Inspection via ODIS

This instruction will show you guide on how to reset service oil and inspection by ODIS for 2017 AUDI Q3.


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How to Install ODIS-Engineering 12.1.0 Diagnostic Software


Connect ODIS to vehicle OBD port, then running software.

Click “Start Diagnosis”

Select correct basic vehicle characteristics, click “Adopt”

Click “Without Job”

Click “Address”

Click “Fault Memory list”

Click “Information Control Unit”

Click “Done/Continue”

Still click “Done/Continue”

Click “Done/Continue”

Click “Special functions”–>”17-Inspection with oil change-10000KM”–>”Perform test”

Click “Yes”

Click “Done/Continue”

Inspection service was successfully, Click “Done/Continue”

Test finished, click “Done/Continue”

Click “Control units”–>”Control unit list”–>”0017 Dash Board “–>”self-diagnosis”

Select “0017-Dash Board”–>”Adaption”

Input “sia” for Filter, then input “180”

Click “Yes”

Click “0017 Dash Board”–>”Diagnosis”–>”Save”–>”OK”

After saving, click “Data”–>“Stop”–>”Without saving”

Function is ready

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