5 Clever Ways to Use Android Auto in Your BMW X3

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Auto in BMW X3
When did BMW X3 get Android Auto
Must-know Android Auto functions on BMW X3
1. Reach destinations with favorite Android Auto navigation apps
2. Put on playlists with Android Auto music apps
3. Play videos with Android Auto screen mirroring
4. Stay in touch with Android Auto messaging app
5. Find parking spot via Android Auto parking app
How to add Android Auto to BMW X3
Android Auto activation on BMW X3
Android Auto retrofit for BMW X3
Android Auto: everybody’s using it. Well, everybody with an Android phone
and a recent vehicle, that is ūüėČ BMW owners are no different, of course, so
since the Bavarians started offering Android Auto, BMW X3 drivers and others
have been flocking to get their phones connected to their iDrive

But what are they actually doing with BMW Android Auto? And if you don’t
already have it activated, are there any BMW Android Auto retrofits you can
turn to to start using Android Auto on BMW? We’re about to answer all those
questions and more!

With the rise of the SUV, The BMW X3 has become one of the most popular
ranges in BMW’s line-up. It’s easy to see why: great performance and those
signature BMW looks, all wrapped up in the comfort of an SUV.

It’s that comfort that makes Android Auto such an obvious match for the BMW
X3 Android Auto is taking that comfort and convenience, and turning it up another

When did BMW X3 get Android Auto
When did BMW X3 get Android AutoWhether that comfort and convenience is
there for you to use is going to depend on which generation X3 you have,
though, and even when in the production cycle your vehicle is from. Take the
G01 X3, for example. In the 2020 BMW X3, Android Auto is definitely on the
table, but if you want to get Android Auto on 2018 BMW X3, things won’t be so
easy. And that’s without saying anything about the previous generation BMW X3

That’s because BMW was a little late to the party when it comes to Android
Auto, only introducing it in 2020. That means only X3s produced after 2020,
that are also equipped with the BMW Live Cockpit Professional option and BMW
iDrive 7, are going to be able to get BMW Android Auto from the

Find out more about BMW Android Auto in our expert guide

Compare that to the other side of the Android/iPhone divide in the BMW X3,
Apple CarPlay had been a factory option for years before Android Auto made
its debut.

If you’re lucky enough to already have Android Auto, there are a few
functions you’re definitely going to want to take a look at.

Before you start, though, you’ve got to get your phone and Android Auto
connected. Keep in mind that the factory Android Auto on BMW is wireless
only, so you’ll need an Android phone that supports wireless connectivity. Wireless
Android Auto is supported by all devices running Android 11 or newer that
support 5GHz WiFi, which covers the majority of current Android phones.

Select Samsung Galaxy and Google Pixel phones running older versions of
Android also support wireless Android Auto.

1. Reach destinations with favorite Android Auto navigation apps
Reach destinations with favorite Android Auto navigation apps

The first thing a lot of people use BMW Android Auto for is navigation, and
why not? The Android Auto navigation apps are often more accurate and
up-to-date than the native iDrive navigation system.

The fact that Android Auto leverages your smartphone’s apps means you know
exactly what to expect. Using Google Maps on your phone has told you all you
need to know about how it works, what features are on offer and how accurate
it is in your local area. You might have also set up your home address and a
few favorite locations. Using the Android Auto Google Maps app on the BMW X3
iDrive screen means you’ll always know how to get from A to B.

To make it easy to set your destination, complete Google Assistant¬ģCAndroid
Auto integration means you can use voice control to request navigation
directions. Just ask where you want to go, and Android Auto will show you the
way. Or if you prefer to get a little more tactile, you can use the iDrive
controller or (in vehicles fitted with one) touchscreen display, too.

Best of all, you aren’t limited in your navigation choice. Prefer Waze or
TomTom to Google Maps? No problem, Android Auto lets you switch up your apps
something the native iDrive navigation system doesn’t.

2. Put on playlists with Android Auto music apps
Put on playlists with Android Auto music appsYou’ll find that same freedom
when it comes to music. The native BMW iDrive system offers a few music
options, but it’s nothing like the range of Android Auto music apps. In an
Android Auto vs BMW iDrive contest, it’s Android Auto that wins hands down

Again, using Google Assistant with BMW Android Auto makes it quick, easy
and safe to play your favorite music when driving. Got a Spotify playlist of
great driving songs? Well, just ask Google Assistant to put it on for you.
All the same voice commands you already use on your phone or smart home
stereo are going to work in your BMW X3 with Android Auto.

Everybody has their own opinion on which is the best music app for Android
Auto. For those who don’t love Spotify, Android Auto doesn’t stop you from
picking another streaming app, like Tidal, Amazon Music or the YouTube Music
Android Auto app, to use in your BMW X3 instead. Or ditch the music
altogether and reach for your favorite radio, podcast or audiobook app.

3. Play videos with Android Auto screen mirroring
Play videos with Android Auto screen mirroring

Music’s one thing, but let’s keep the entertainment going! How about a video
or two?

Hold on just a second there. Depending on your point of view, Android
Auto’s lack of support for video is either a valuable safety feature, or its
Achilles heel.

Of course, nobody’s going to suggest it’s a good idea for you to watch
videos when driving, which is the reason video apps like YouTube and Netflix
are conspicuously absent from your Android Auto home screen. But when you’ve
pulled over on a long drive? Nothing wrong with putting on a quick video in
our books ūüėČ

While Android Auto isn’t going to be any help with video, many F25 BMW X3s
have the required hardware for Android Screen Mirroring a little bone BMW
threw to Android users before it finally got round to launching Android Auto.

With it, you can cast your phone’s screen to your X3s dashboard display, so
you can browse the web, look at photos or play videos from YouTube. Note that
some video streaming apps, including Netflix, use DRM technology to prevent
screen mirroring, so you might not be able to access all your content.

With Autosvs, it’s easy to activate Android Screen Mirroring for BMW in a
remote coding session with our skilled technician. Alternatively, Autosvs’s
Android Auto Smartbox retrofit comes with screen mirroring included.

4. Stay in touch with Android Auto messaging app
Stay in touch with Android Auto messaging appSomething else you’re probably
going to want to do when driving is keep in touch with friends and loved
ones. Surprise surprise, that’s another of the many things you can do with
Android Auto Google Assistant ūüėČ

If your BMW X3 has Android Auto, WhatsApp, text messages, Telegram and more
are always available. Most apps include Google Assistant integration, so you
can dictate your messages and send them easily. Supported apps, including
your phone’s SMS, will also read incoming notifications out to you, so you’ll
be able to get updates without taking your eyes off the road.

5. Find parking spot via Android Auto parking app
Find parking spot via Android Auto parking app

Music and messaging is one thing, but as you’re in your BMW X3, you’re
probably going to be looking for something a little bit more driving-related,

As we all know, the worst part of driving is when it ends, and you have to
hunt for a parking spot particularly if you’re in an unfamiliar urban area.
There are Android Auto parking apps to make the whole ordeal that little bit

There’s a little crossover with navigation here; one of the advantages of
having Google Maps in your BMW X3 is being able to find whatever point of
interest you want, including parking lots. But a dedicated parking app, like
SpotHero for Android, can offer a few more features.

If you’re a little forgetful, Android Auto parking apps like Parkify will
even help you find your way back to your vehicle, automatically detecting
where you left it last.

Looking at this list of possible features, it’s no surprise BMW Android
Auto is so popular. But if you don’t already have it activated, you’re
probably feeling a little jealous right now :/

Well fear not, because the BMW specialists at Autosvs have a few tricks up
their sleeves to help you get Android Auto up and running in your BMW X3.
Depending on your X3 generation, you can either activate the BMW original
Android Auto, or go for a BMW Android Auto retrofit instead.

Android Auto activation on BMW X3
As many post-2020 vehicles come from the factory with Android Auto, BMW G01
X3 drivers often won’t have any problem activating Android Auto. Depending on
your vehicle, all the necessary hardware and software may already be there,
you only need to unlock the BMW Android Auto feature.

That’s something Autosvs’s coding expert can do remotely. Not only will you
not need to install any new hardware in your BMW, you won’t even need to
leave home! You’ll only need a laptop and 30 minutes with our technician at a
time that suits you.

You can activate Android Auto for BMW X3 in all vehicles with iDrive 7 and
BMW Live Cockpit Professional. Just enter your VIN to check

Android Auto retrofit for BMW X3
We didn’t want to see owners of older vehicles miss out, though. That’s why
we introduced Android Auto for BMW F25 X3 through a BMW Android Auto

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