5 Reasons to Install a BMW Backup Camera

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5 Reasons to Get a Backup Camera for your BMW Avoid unexpected damage to your car It can be difficult to see every object when you’re in reverse. Bottles, bicycles, basketballs or whatever else you may not expect can end up in the way of your BMW. Even visible objects can sometimes appear further than they appear, which can result in a nasty dent or scratch.

Park straight

The dynamic parking lines on your backup camera will ensure you reverse at the right angle. Those ideally aligned yellow lines on the pavement are like a picture frame for your car. The only downside is: that you won’t be able to stop turning around to admire your BMW as you walk

Protect the little ones

Depending on where you’re parked, children and animals can end up behind
your car while you’re backing up. Even if you checked before getting in the
car, kids and pets have the habit of being unaware of their surroundings and
suddenly getting into places they shouldn’t be in. According to the AAA, it
takes a total of 81 inches beyond the bumper of a vehicle for a rear-view
mirror to offer complete vision for the driver.
Easier on your body
If you do a lot of reversing, a backup camera will save you from constantly
having to turn around incredibly useful if you’re suffering from an injury
that makes it difficult to do so. Plus, you avoid the risk of pulling any
neck muscles due to excessive neck twisting.
Feel confident
Combine these perks and you get a new parking experience that makes driving
easier. Suddenly, backing up becomes a breeze and you’ll find yourself
parking your BMW in new spots and positions you haven’t considered before.

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