6 Useful BMW coding options for E-Series Upgrades

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coding vs BMW programming
Just a quick reminder for those who are not in the know, BMW coding is not
the same as BMW programming. When coding you assign groups of data to the
operation program of a chosen control module to change its basic way of
operation. For example, locking or unlocking certain features that are
already coded in.

While BMW coding manipulates the existing features of your software, BMW
programming is a complex process that writes or rewrites new features not
previously present in your car. And thus usually is performed by BMW
technicians before the car drives off the factory. Unlike BMW programming,
BMW coding is much safer and can be conducted remotely.

So for the TOP 6 coding options available for your E90, E60, E70 or other
E-Series BMWs, there is:

* BMW map update
* BMW Enhanced Bluetooth coding
* SiriusXM coding
* Digital speedometer coding
* Start & Stop button coding
* Remote window control unlocking
Importantly, which coding options are available for your vehicle, and how
you’ll code them, depends on your iDrive system’s head unit.

Don’t know which head unit you have? Find the answer here

1. BMW map update
Even if your E-Series isn’t of the latest date, it doesn’t mean your maps
can’t be. With BMW map update you can obtain the freshest info about
opened/closed routes in your region, see thousands of new points of interest
and know time saving detours.
Also, whether you do BMW E90 coding or update G20, the process is always
kept simple. Just put your USB flash drive with a coding file into the USB
port and enter an FSC code on the iDrive. See how:
Get more details on what BMW map update does to your E-Series.

2. BMW Enhanced Bluetooth coding
Another thing you don’t have to lag behind with are phone pairing
possibilities. Let’s be honest, as for multimedia features, Bluetooth media
streaming is the least your E-Series should be capable of in this day and

If you’re missing out, simply unlock BMW Enhanced Bluetooth. It will allow
you to play your favorite Spotify music through the car speakers via
Bluetooth, pair up multiple devices via Bluetooth at once, make hands-free
phone calls and much more. For mobile addicts particularly, this could be
another simple E60, E70 or E90 coding option you can’t miss.

3. BMW SiriusXM coding
But hey, not all E-Series owners want to find their way around music apps
and setting up Spotify accounts. For some, good old FM radio is enough. or so
they say, cause they haven’t yet experienced the pleasure of having over 175
channels in their cars at all times ūüėČ
SiriusXM is a BMW satellite radio bringing hundreds of entertainment, sport
and news channels to your car, no matter the US State or Canadian province
you live in. And thanks to Autosvs’s SiriusXM coding, you can enjoy them in
your E-Series too! Just spare 30-minutes on USB or remote cable coding and
plenty of channels from the Howard Stern Show to TikTok Radio will be at your
hand on the road a few months may even be for free!

Since Autosvs uses a genuine BMW activation code, you can benefit from the
free trial period on All Access SiriusXM subscription. Up to one year, if you
are the original owner of your E-Series. Or 2 months, in case your car is
certified pre-owned.

4. BMW Digital speedometer coding
Know what else can be at your hand. or at a glance shall we say? Your
actual speed.

BMW Digital speedometer coding Having an E-Series BMW, you know how
inaccurate the analogue speedometer can be and how hard it is to check your
exact speed on the spot, especially when you drive pedal to the metal. So
instead of picking up another ticket for being that little over the speed
limit, why not rely on the digital readout?
The digital speedometer coding will add a digital number on your in-dash
screen and make your read out quicker, especially when your speed changes
It may not give you the feel of a fully digital cluster, but considering
that E-Series BMWs are out of the market for 6WB replacements, it is your
makeshift digital experience for a fraction of the cost.

 5. BMW Start & Stop
And if you search for upgrades enhancing the sporty feel of your E-Series
even further, auto start stop deactivation is another BMW coding option worth
looking at. It’ll turn off the automatic engine shut off feature and program
your car to remember its previous settings next time you start it up.

No motor overclocking here, but definitely something to at least help you
beat folks off the lights.
Wonder whether BMW start stop is bad for your engine? Find your answer in
our expert guide.

6. Remote window control coding
Remote window control coding Lastly, the BMW coding option you’ll surely
appreciate during hot summers remote window control unlocking. Since,
E-Series cars are not equipped with preconditioning options, such as BMW
remote start, manual BMW ventilation is your only way to air out your
interior before you get in. And with remote window control coding, you’ll be
able to do it using your BMW key fob!
Just stand within range of your car and press the lock button on your fob
for a few seconds. Your windows and sunroof will open or close automatically
to bring a breath of fresh air to your car. This is how you do it:

All sounds good, but how do you code these things in? Is there a BMW coding
app for that or will you have to equip yourself with OBD adapters or any
specific BMW programming software?

Nothing too complicated for sure. Depending on your vehicle specifications,
you’ll be able to code your car either via coding cable or a USB flash drive.
Enter your VIN here to check which Bimmer coding tool you’re compatible with.

BMW USB coding
If you’re compatible with USB coding, it’s as simple as inserting your USB
stick with the coding file into the USB port of your BMW and waiting 60
seconds as the coding performs itself automatically. Learn more about the BMW
USB coding process.

BMW cable coding
As for the cable coding procedure for E-Series, a DCAN coding cable and a
laptop running Windows with a regular USB port will do. There’s no special
BMW programming software you have to download on your own or any BMW coding
apps. Our technician will take care of everything remotely and guide you how
to share your laptop with him so he can code BMW for you.

Anyways ūüėČ Once you purchase your BMW coding option you’ll receive all
remote coding session preparation instructions, so that everything goes
smoothly. See how to prepare:

At one point of the BMW coding session you’ll be asked to connect your
laptop to your BMW. And that’s what the BMW OBD port is for. You’ll be able
to find it just above the pedals.

See how to connect your coding interface to your BMW OBD port in this
video. Keep in mind that for your BMW E90 coding (or any other E-Series)
you’ll use the DCAN cable instead of ENET interface.

If you feel like unlocking the options in your BMW software wasn’t enough
and count on some more upgrades to spice up your older vehicle, you still
have plenty to choose from like BMW CarPlay or Android Auto, as unbelievable
as it may sound.

How to retrofit BMW E-Series Our BMW CarPlay and Android Auto upgrade for
CIC head units will bring your E-Series up to modern day standards by letting
you pair up your phone with your car and allow you to display your apps on
the iDrive screen. What’s more, thanks to our MMI’s Android Auto support,
you’ll be able to connect your Android smartphone to the module, or even add
BMW backup cameras or front cameras for a bargain. Get to know more on how to
add BMW CarPlay to pre-2016 vehicles.

If your BMW iDrive is older than CIC, upgrading BMW CarPlay may be out of
the question (unless you replace your head unit). The good part is, you’re
still in the game for SmartView Apple TVs and BMW audio upgrades meaning
you’re more than welcome to enjoy Netflix backed up by some good tunes when
on the road ūüėȬ†

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