Active/Disable BMW X5 Lock/Unlock Acoustic Confirmation Beep

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to Active/Disable BMW X5 Confirmation Beep Sound when you locking/unlock

Tools you need

  • BMW Enet cable or
    BMW Enet WiFi(a
    coding device for BMW F series)
  • A laptop installed BMW Esys BMW and
    EsysPlus coding
  • How to active BMW X5 Lock/Unlock Beep Sound?

  • Step 1:Connect BMW Enet cable or
    BMW Enet WiFi to
    BMW X5 and laptop,then open BMW E-sys coding software on your laptop.And
    select “connect icon” on the upper left corner
  • Step 2:Here we select option according to vehicle
  •     1 series and 3 series select
        5 series and 6 series select
        5 series GT and 7 series  select F001

    Here we take BMW F15 X5 as example,we select F025. Then click

  • Step 3: Select “Expert Mode ”
    >”Coding”.Then click “Read” in the “Vehicle
    Order” area.It will popup FA file.Here you can make a backup just in
  • Step 4 Move you mouse on the FA,and right click to
  •     Click “Read SVT”,then
    the modules list will show in the left area.
        If you get below error
    window,just ignore it and close it.
        Select HUB_NBT module in the
    module list,then find green color “CAFD” file.And right click to
    select “Read Coding Data.Then close the popup window after

  • Step 5: Now,you will see a yellow file under CAFD file.Right
    click to select “Edit FDL”. Then input PIN code in the pupup
    window.(Different version E-sys have different PIN code,usually you can find
    it in the E-sys installation file)
  • Step 6: You will enter the module submenu.And enter
    “ACUSTICAL_LOCK_CONFIRM” in search box to find the file.Then open
    drop-down list of the “ACUSTICAL_LOCK_CONFIRM” file to find
    “nicht_aktiv” file
  • Step 7: Select “nicht_aktiv” and right click to select
    “Edit”.Select “aktive” option in the drop-down list.Then
    you will find it has been modified.
  • Finally,Click “Save icon” at the top of toolbar.Then
    click green arrow to back previous menu,then click “Code FDL” to
    write code into module.
  • Processing
  • After completing process select “close”
  • Then,you need to restart the NBT.And you will find the beep
    confirmation has been actived!
  • You can find the option of  beep
    confirmation on the menu,just check the option.


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