Anti theft PIN code Mommand: How to find out the serial number?

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How do I find out the serial number of your Mercedes Head unit?

When you install a head unit in a different car, it gets locked, and you need an Anti-theft PIN code to unlock it. Obtaining an anti-theft PIN code is easy.
Get the head unit’s serial number from the sticker on the unit or by OBD using the Vediamo, DTS, or Xentry diagnostic system.

To determine your head unit’s serial number, you have two options:

  1. physically check the serial number on the HU label or
  2. Xentry Diagnostic to read the serial number of the used commander HU.
If you cannot currently connect to the head unit, you can find the serial number on a physical sticker at the top of the head unit.
Ensure that you have the correct serial number by adhering to the following criteria:
The serial number must consist of exactly 14 characters. Anti-theft pin code?
It will begin with one of the following sequences: ‘AL’, ‘GA’, ‘HB’, ‘HM’, ‘ME’, ‘PA’, and ‘VT’.
If you read the serial number on the sticker and it starts with ‘BE’, replace it with ‘HB’.
If you cannot identify the serial number on the sticker that meets the specified criteria mentioned earlier, please use a diagnostic device to read the serial number directly from the head unit.
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