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Q: What information should be given once an error occurs when using Autel AP200/HT200? Serial number of the device; Phone information (brand and model of the phone, software version, CPU model, etc.) Screenshots or videos to show the errors that happened on the deviceQ: What if the customer requested to transfer software after they purchased a new AP/HT200 after the old one was broken/stolen?Contact tech obdII support with the below information: Old and New serial number Reason for software transferQ: Autel AP200/HT200 APP Download failed and got the error message “install Failed”Solution:For Android phones, long hold the App icon, and go to App Info. –Storage–Clear Cache, and download it again;For an IOS phone, go to Me– Settings–Clear Cache, and download it again.Q: Failed to purchase software/update, but received error message ‘the product has been moved ‘.Solution:Send screenshot to tech support and ask for helpQ: Failed to log in, and received “Acquire Failed” messageSolution: Check if you can see “Log in later” at the right bottom on the login screen.If not, please make sure you downloaded MaxiAP200 for your AP200.Q: Error Message ‘The vehicle does not support current language’Solution:Send your serial number to tech support to change the sales contract to all language versions.Q: Upload data logs via MaxiToolsWhen should we upload data logs via MaxiTools:Logs are collected via Maxi Tools when the errors that are most likely related to system program issues occur. Generally, these errors occurred before we got access to the internal diagnostic function menu or before we started to diagnose the vehicle.For example, when we tap Diagnostic—Benz, but error message “Authorization Check Failed” comes up.Q: After factory reset, vehicle software shows the below error message or the likeThis problem often gives you the error message below when you are trying to run specific software in the Diagnostic menu. Generally, this issue often happens after the customer does a factory reset on their device while their devices are already out of the subscription.Solution:Go to ES File Explorer–SD card–Scan–apk_back;Install MaxiDas.apk again.If no “apk_back” folder was found in the SD card, please upload the data log via MaxiTools and send the MaxiUI version to tech support for help.Q: Stuck on the Startup screenIf the device is still in a valid subscription, flash the device with the program which will delete all data;If the device is out of subscription, flash the device with the program that will not delete all data first; If still the same error, inform the customer of the risk of using a flash program that will delete all data and flash the device with the program which will delete all data.Contact tech our support for the flash program;Q: MaxiSys program existed/stoppedCheck if the device is on the blacklist;If not, please upload logs via MaxiTools for further checkingQ: If the Update list is NOT loaded upCheck if there is any network issue;Check if Autel’s server IPs are blocked by your internet provider;Try connecting the device to other wifi or hot spot of smartphone for checking;Q: If the Update list is loaded up Please go to System Settings-Storage, and check if internal space is enough; Please go to System Settings–About tablet, check if the MaxiUI version is too low; If the MaxiUI version is too low, you can use the OSupdate apk. file (contact support for this file) to update the system version of the device to a higher version first; If internal space is not enough, please uninstall all software first, then download BMW, Benz, and Audi one by one first before you download any other software; If the space is still not enough, you can purchase a designated TF card and download BMW software into this TF Card※Only Sandisk TF card of 16G storage, class 10, 80MB/S is compatible with MaxiSys tools;※Only BMW can be downloaded into this TF Card; If the MaxiUI version is normal and internal space is enough, please upload data logs via MaxiTools for checking (refer to E. Upload data logs via MaxiTools).Q: Some “Authorization” errors commonly occurred on tablet tools (MX808 or higher products):a) Error Message “Software is not authorized!”Issue: Whichever software is tapped, you will see this pop-up window with the error message.Solution:Go to ES File Explorer–Scan folder, check if there is a file “authorization.txt”;Go to ES File Explorer–Scan—Vehicle, get access to each vehicle folder, check if the file “authorization.txt” is available;If the “authorization.txt” file is missing in the Scan folder but exists in all other vehicle folders, please tryconnect the tablet to the computer via a USB cable;Turn on USB storage ;Disconnect the USB cable;tap Diagnostics, select any software to check againIf the above method is not working, you need to renew your subscription and download all the software again.b)“Authorization Check Failed! Error Code: 1”Issue 1 The error message above camp up when you tap specific software, for example, Mini, on the Diagnostic menu;Solution:Go to ES File Explorer—Scan—Vehicle, access to the corresponding vehicle folder, for example, Mini, and check if the file”authorization.txt” is available there.If not, please copy the “authorization.txt” file from vehicle folders, BMW, Rolls-Royce, and AstonMartin (they must be from the same software pack when you download them) to the Mini folder;*Note:BMW, Mini, Rolls-Royce, and Aston Martin software are from the same software pack when we downloaded them in the Update list;“authorization.txt” file from other vehicle folders rather than BMW, Rolls-Royce, and Aston Martin will not be working;Check if the Mini software is back to normal.If still not working, you need to renew your subscription and download the software again.Issue 2 The error message above camp up when you tap whichever software on the Diagnostic menuSolution:Go to ES File Explorer—Scan—Vehicle, access to the corresponding vehicle folders, and check if the file “authorizatuion.txt” is available in each folder.If not, the only solution is to renew the subscription and download all software again.c)“Authorization Check Failed! Error Code: 2”Issue 1: “Authorization Check Failed! Error Code: 2” indicates Serial Number and Register Password are not matched.If the device is still in a valid subscription,Go to MaxiSys-Data manager-Apps Uninstall to uninstall all apps;Run Update and download them back again.If the device is out of subscription,Please go to Settings-About, and send the screenshot of this page to our tech support to show them the Serial Number and Register password of your device;Collect Logs via MaxiTools and upload.Issue 2: If you saw Error code 2: Serial or password is incorrect, and when you went to the About section but found your serial number becameV09G00000131and register password became056947, please follow the below steps:Turn this tool OFF and wait for 2 minutes, then turn it ON again; Repeat the above steps 5 times (at least) and check the serial number on the About page again;If it still shows S/N V09G00000131 and password 056947, contact the selling dealer for repairs.d)“Authorization Check Failed! Error Code: 3”Upload data log via MaxiTools;Send S/N of your device to tech support for helpe)“Authorization Check Failed! Error Code: 4”Upload data log via MaxiTools;Send S/N of your device to tech support for helpf)“Authorization Check Failed! Error Code: 5”Upload data log via MaxiTools;Send S/N of your device to tech support for helpg)“Authorization Check Failed! Error Code: 8”Upload data log via MaxiTools;Send S/N of your device to tech support for helph)“Authorization Check Failed! Error Code: 9”Upload data log via MaxiTools;Send S/N of your device to tech support for helpi)“Authorization Check Failed! Error Code: 10”Upload data log via MaxiTools;Send S/N of your device to tech support for helpQ: If the device is out of subscription, generally you can follow the below steps:Send us a screenshot of the error message you saw;Describe in detail how you saw this error message;What have you done on this device before this message came up;Upload the corresponding data logs via Maxi Tools in this way:• Reproduce this issue on your device;• After the same error occurs, go back to the Home page;• Run MaxiTools, click on Start to collect logs;• After logs are collected, click on Upload;• Make sure you saw “Upload completed”.Q: If the device is still in active subscription, you canConnect the device to wifi, click on the Authorization button to finish authorization;Uninstall the software or erase the SD card, then download the software again to have the issues resolved.Q: How to collect and upload data logs using AP/HT200?You should click the icon(shown in the red box below) to start log log-collecting process;You will see this icon light up after you first click;After the problem occurs during the diagnostic process, you need to click this icon again to end log collecting process, and then upload;Please describe your problems in more detail when you upload the data logs.Q: For tablet tools, What if you fail to upload data logs and get an error message like ‘Network busy’?After the log is collected, a log file will be automatically created and stored on your device;You can go to ES File Explorer-Scan-Data logging, find the corresponding vehicle folder;You will see log files (generally zip files named by date), and send them directly to tech support’s email;Software Issues when using other product models with Data Logging Function:Q: What should we do with software issues when using tablet tools, MX/MK, DS808, or MaxiSys?Generally data logs should be collected if we encounter software issues during the diagnostic process below:Some errors occur when you are accessing a specific system/all systems,Reading DTCs, clearing DTCs,Reading or decoding VIN, reading live data,Performing active tests, special functions programming/coding, etc.Q: Precautions when you encountered the above software issues:1. Advise problems/errors you encountered in detail;2. Upload the corresponding data logs for checking (Data log upload instruction: Make sure the data logs collected are valid and complete (a valid and complete data log starts how you entered the diagnosis and ends when the problem you reported occurred/finished);4. Make sure the data logs collected were uploaded successfully (Tech support can check it up in a corresponding system);5. Advise the serial number of the device to tech support after the data logs are uploaded.Q: Failure in performing a specific function: Check if all pre-conditions are fully satisfied or not; Record the diagnostic process in video and send it to tech support; Advise the make, model, year, and VIN of the vehicle; Send the screenshot of the About page of your device; Advise the specific function you were doing; Advise in detail the problems you encountered and what you have done on the vehicle.Q: Got “Linking Error” message when using OBDII software:Check if the vehicle testing is OBDII compliant or not (EOBD or JOBD is not supported);Vehicles adopted OBDII system in different regions around the world (For Reference):Europe: Adopted OBDII system since 2006U.S.A: Adopted OBDII system since 1996Asia: Adopted OBDII system since 2009Check if any other OBDII-compliant vehicles(US vehicles, Ford, GM, Chrysler are suggested) are communicating with this scanner or not; If other vehicles are communicating fine, it is most likely that the vehicle you testing is NOT OBDII compliant;If it is confirmed that the vehicle is an OBDII complaint but still linking error, please advise your region/country, a screenshot of the About information your device, and the VIN of your vehicle to our tech support.Q: Communication failure with all modules:Check if the OBDII cable is fine/change another cable to try again;Check if the OBDII function is communicating fine;Check if there are any issues in the vehicle itself or not;Check if any other vehicles have the same issue or not; If all vehicles are not communicating, please try another new OBDII cable.If this vehicle is not communicating only, please check the problems on the vehicle itself first.Q: Communication failure with a specific module (other modules are communicating well):Check if there are any problems, especially connection issues, in this module itself or not;Check if there are any related issues/error codes in any other related modules or not; If yes, fix the related errors first;Still any errors please advise details and record a video to show your diagnostic process.

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