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How to Use the Autel MaxiFlash J2534 with Forscan?

The Maxiflash J2534 interface is a very good tool but you will require the software to have the J2534 operate correctly with the computer.  A lot have tested the communication of FORScan with Autel MaxiFlash Pro J2534 successfully.  Here is the step-by-step guide on how to set up Forscan with Autel J2534 passthru interface.

Fisrt of all search, download Forscan software online and get it installed.

You then need to buy your license and download the software off the Forscan website, We recommend you buy the lifetime license which is 42Euros.

Or get cracked version online.

You can use the MaxiFlash J2534 with MaxiSys Elite/MK908 Pro II/MS908S Pro/Elite II/IM608/IM608 II etc tablets. It makes perfect sense to try and use it with Forscan.

We have managed to get it working nicely and its actually very easy to do so. We will explain our way here and hope it helps.

How to Use the Autel MaxiFlash J2534 with Forscan?

1) Download and install Forscan.
2) Connect your Autel maxiflash J2534 to your pc via usb cable (provided with the maxiflash – or can be bought separately)
3) Download the maxi pc suite from the autel website and install (at this point your maxiflash should beep and you should now have two green lights on the unit).

4) Run Forscan, open settings by clicking the cog wheel and clicking on the connection tab.
.Choose connection type J2534.
.In the J2534 adapter drop down, select maxiflash elite/pro.

.Put a tick in the auto connect box.

Close Forscan and then re launch Forscan.

You should now have a successful connection and a green light next to INTERFACE bottom left.

When the computer drivers are installed correctly, the J2534 device can be used for any type of Flash Programming and FORScan will recognize it as one of the devices for diagnostics and firmware updates.

I have the Autel Maxiflash Elite J2534 VCI and was successful in connecting my 2016 Transit Connect. Although the MaxiFlash is Bluetooth-capable, and Windows Control Panel showed me a successful Bluetooth connection, I was only successful in connecting FORSCAN to the vehicle with the USB cable from the Laptop to the Maxi. With the connection established all the rest went smoothly.

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