BMW Carly Disable Headlight Bulbs Flickering

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This article based on popular demand a lot of you who have
installed aftermarket LED°Øs on you BMW have asked why did the bulbs flicker
for about 10 seconds or so whenever you start up your car and so°≠in this
article I°Øm going to explain why they do that and also how to prevent them
from doing that.
So before I show you how to stop them from doing it you have to understand
why they flicker to begin with and so°≠BMW°Øs whenever you start your car it
does a bulb check where it°Øs going to send a low voltage electricity.If you
all need to your lights on the car just to see if any of the bulbs are burned
out and so with the stock halogen bulbs we come on the car that small amount
of electricity from that voltage check isn°Øt quite enough to illuminate them
that°Øs why you never noticed me flickering before with the stock lights but
with aftermarket LED°Øs since they require so little electricity to
illuminate just a very small amount of electricity during the voltage check
is going to make them briefly light up which make them appear that they°Øre
flickering for a little bit,so in this article I am going to show you
step-by-step how to basically code the car and tell it to you skip the bulb
check whenever you start it up that way you won°Øt have that flickering with
your aftermarket LEDs.

So as for as coding your car to skip the bulbs check,there°Øs actually a
couple different ways that you can go about doing this and you can even take
your car to a BMW dealership and pay for dealership price and they°Øll do it
for you but here I will show you how to use Carly BMW Pro with app to coding
this feature.

What you need?
Carly BMW IOS Adapter & (Carly BMW Android Adapter)
Carly BMW Coding APP IOS & Android Download
BMW Coding/Flashing/Progrmming PDF+Video Guide

Plug the BMW Carly Adapter to OBD port(here take IOS version as a
BMW Carly Disable Headlight Bulbs Flickering

Connect your shoppingmode iPhone to adapter by WiFi
BMW Carly Disable Headlight Bulbs Flickering (2)
Go to the Carly BMW App,and click the °∞connect°± option to build
connection between Carly BMW App and adapter.

BMW Carly Disable Headlight Bulbs Flickering (3)
After connection built,back to menu to select °∞Coding°± option
BMW Carly Disable Headlight Bulbs Flickering (4)

Hit the continue button
Then the Carly will checking compatibility for coding

BMW Carly Disable Headlight Bulbs Flickering (5)

Then tap the °∞OK°± to continue
Then select °∞FRM°±,and click °∞Read out FRM°±
BMW Carly Disable Headlight Bulbs Flickering (6)

Carly BMW will perform below operation:
Checking communication quality
Creating backup of coding data
Now scrolling through all the different coding options and we°Øre looking
for the one says °∞angel eyes voltage monitor°±
BMW Carly Disable Headlight Bulbs Flickering (7)

Select not active and hit code at the buttom
After you select it you will see this disclaimer come up just press the
check box and hit agree code

BTW:your car need to be turn on with engine running in order for this to

After you coding the angel eyes you can go to fog lights and also turn
those off
BMW Carly Disable Headlight Bulbs Flickering (9)
Cool thing:You can manually select which ones you want the car to skip the
voltage check on and you can leave the voltage check turned on for the more
important lights like your headlights and turn signals.Just for safety
reasons it will still check those and let you know if any of those lights are
burned out.

Once all the coding is completed,turn the engine off and then turn it back
on if you°Øve done everything correctly you shouldn°Øt see any flickering of
any of the bulbs.


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