BMW Coding How to Code F45 F46 F48 VO Cruise Control?

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BMW Coding: How do I code the BMW Cruise Control?

Are you searching for a step-by-step BMW Cruise Control Coding Guide? Here you go!

Below, you will learn how to use the E-Sys or Esys Plus and the ENET cable or SmartBimmer Enet WIFi adapter to VO Code BMW F45, F46, and F48 Cruise Control to enable this feature.

Note: Once you have your Cruise Control switch physically installed, you will need to enable your Cruise Control feature in your car through “VO coding.”.

BMW Cruise Control Coding Steps with BMW ENET Coding Cable and BMW E-Sys 3.27.1

  • Start your E-Sys, Click the “Read” button
  • Then “Active FA”: Go to “SALAPA-Element” and right-click and select “Edit.” Add the value “544” to the SALAPA-Element and click the save button on the right, as highlighted.
  • Click the “save” button to save the file into an XML file with your desired file name.
  • Go to the “VCM” section and load the same XML file that you saved. Right-click “calculate FP” and you will see the vehicle profile generated.
  • Click the “Write FA FP” button once you are satisfied with your settings, which will write to your ECU memory. To enable Cruise Control for F45/F46/F48, you will need to VO code these 4 modules for F45/F46/F48:BDC_BODYHU_ENTRYNAVKOMBI (or BKOMBI)DSC2 Go to the “Coding” section,
  • Click the “Read ECU” button on the right, and then right-click on the above-mentioned modules and select “Code.”

This will enable the settings required for your cruise control.

Note that the engine does not need to be switched off for this operation to work successfully.

Test your cruise control switch to ensure that it has been enabled successfully!

Congratulations! Team remote support is available as per request.

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