BMW E60 CIC Video in Motion Coding by Expert & NCSdummy

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E60 CIC Video in Motion Coding by Expert & NCSdummy

  • BMW Coding/Flashing/Progrmming PDF+Video Guide
  • NCS Dummy Free Download And Installation
  • NCS Expert BMW Coding Software Download
  • Summary (Technical)
  • By inspecting the before & after FSW & NETTODAT files
    shared by karlheinz, here’s what we found
  • FSW (before):
    o SPEEDLOCK_X_KMH_MAX_C0E = 3_kmh
    o SPEEDLOCK_X_KMH_MIN_C0E = 3_kmh

    FSW (after):

  • SPEEDLOCK_X_KMH_MAX_C0E = disappeared
  • SPEEDLOCK_X_KMH_MIN_C0E = disappeared
  • NETTODAT (before and after, the diff between the two files):

  • B
  • B 00300010,0010,50,81,1D,46,00,00,C0,FF,FF,03,03,11,11,01,01,FF
  • This was a breakthrough discovery. The original 03,03 correspond to 3_kmh
    and 3_kmh. Most of us probably have 00,00, which means speedlock min/max are
    set to “nicht_aktiv”. We want to set them as FF,FF so the two
    speedlock items become disabled and disappeared from the FSW, and this is
    when VIM is activated.
    The following tutorial to activate DVD in Motion is for testing purposes
    only. It is intended for OFFROAD and Experimental use ONLY. You assume full
    responsibility to watch video while in motion. We are not liable for any
    damages to your vehicles or any bodily injuries caused from this

    The Tutorial
    This tutorial assumes you have basic background and some experience on
    NCSexpert and coding procedure.

  • Using NCSexpert, read your CIC module as usual. And note down the
    daten file used for your CIC
  • Open NCSdummy V5.0+ ( can be downloaded from NSCDummy thread )
    and follow the steps in the below screenshot to disassemble the Ediabas daten
    file which is used by your CIC module ( CIC.C09 in our example
  • Open the disassembled file which is saved on your desktop (
    CIC.C09.txt in our example ) with any TXT editor and looks for the following
    codes and make the necessary changes as per the screenshot below .( Remember
    to save the changes before closing the TXT file )
  • Now we need to reassemble the edited TXT file (CIC.C09.txt in our
    example ) and replace the original one with the modified file , we can do
    that by following the steps in the below screen
  • Edit your CIC trc file suing NCSDummy Editor and look for the
    following codes and make the changes as per the screenshots
    VIDEO_NUR_MIT_HANDBREMSE = nicht_aktiv

  • Code your CIC with the new changes , and Congratulation , your
    VIM is done
  • 1.The subsequent codings on the CIC will not affect VIM as long as you are
    still using the Modified CIC.CXX file.
    2.If you attempt to read the CIC module with an original CIC.CXX file, you
    will not see the speedlock functions. However, if you attempt to recode with
    the original CIC.CXX file, the VIM coding will be lost!

    FINAL WARNING: VIM is for testing purposes only and should not be used in
    normal driving. It is intended for OFFROAD and Experimental use ONLY.

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