BMW E70 E71 Video In Motion Coding by NCS Expert

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E70 E71 Video In Motion Coding by NCS Expert Preparations

  • NCS Expert BMW Coding Software Download

    BMW E70 E71 Video In Motion Coding by NCS Expert

  • Run NCS Expert software
  • Create fsw psw man
  • Select File > Load profile > Expertmode > OK
  • Select File > Edit profile,then input password

  • Select “Car Memory”,then tick the options as

  • Click “Consistency check”,then it will prompt with
    below window massage,click “OK” to continue

  • Then tick the options:
  • FSW-/PSW-Trace

    FSW-/PSW-Mainpulate with FSW_PSW.MAN

  • And make sure you have selected “from CVT”,then click
    “OK” to continue
  • Click “Consistency check”,then click “OK” to
  • Select File > save profile as > FZG4.PFL (rename this file
    name by manually),click “OK” button to save the
  • Select File > edit profile > input password
    “repxet” > profile info
  • Then rename the profile name as “FSW PSW
  • Now you have created FSW PSW MAN file

  • When you are performing coding,you need to select “fsw psw
    man” file you created just now
  • Load “fsw psw man”,select “File” > Load
    profile > “fsw psw man” show as below
  • Press the “F2” on your keyboard,select vehicle chassis
  • Select “E70”,then click “OK” to
  • Now click “VIN/ZCS/FA” or press
  • Select “F3” to read FG,FA
  • Now it will show the FG,FA on the NCS Expert
  • Click “F6” button to read all modules data,here
    recommend you to make backup (FSW PSW,TRC)
  • Click “F4” (Process ECU),select “CIC” and
    click “OK” to continue
  • Click “F4” (Process ECU),then it will prompt you with
    below screen,just close it
  • Make backup of work data (FSW PSW.TRC),this is CIC modules
    data,you can create a new folder to save this file
  • Open FSW PSW.TRC to modify below data,then save this file to
    cover original (not backup file)
  • Back to NCS Expert software to check the file name show as
  • Then go to C:NCSEXPERDATENE70 to select CIC.C1A,and backup
    this CIC.C1A file
  • Run data2txt14022011.exe
  • File > Open to select CIC.C1A,and locate below
  • Modify both (03) behind 0636 to FF
  • Then select File > procedure cXX,now use this CIC.C1A to cover
    original file
  • Back to NCS,press F5(basic function),select
  • Click “F2(Job)”,select SG_CODIEREN,and then click
  • Now click “F3(Execule job)”
  • Job Done!

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