BMW F30 VO/FDL Coding Guide

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post collection of BMW F30 coding reference guide,include FA code and CAFD
code coding.Hope it helps!

BMW E-sys  Coding Software

BMW E-sys Coding Software Installation Guide
BMW Coding/Flashing/Progrmming PDF+Video Guide

Part 1:FA Codes(VO Coding)
**It°Øs recommended to VO code first before doing any CAFD coding, since VO
coding will return values to their defaults.**
Activate Active High Beam Assistant (Anti-Dazzle)
Active High Beam Assistant (Anti-Dazzle) requires the vehicle to be
equipped with High Beam Assistant. This enabled the system to enable high
beams to dodge vehicles by independently moving the high beams around in each
headlight without blinding other drivers.
MODIFY THE READ FA-Remove 5AP from the vehicle FA.

VO CODE-FEM_BODY and FLA/KAFAS2 (whichever you are equipped with).
The CAFD modificaKons of HBA funcKonality aLer VO coding in FEM_BODY and

The Speed HBA Enables-FEM_BODY-C_HBA_ENA_V_HI (Value in HEX for speed
The Speed HBA Disables-FEM_BODY-C_HBA_ENA_V_LO (Value in HEX for speed
The Speed to immediately enter Highway Mode-FEM_BODY-C_HBA_HGWY_V_HI
(Default: Werte= 8C) [Hex 8C= Decimal 140=140 kph] The Speed to leave Highway Mode-FEM_BODY-C_HBA_HGWY_V_LO (Default:
Werte=5A) [Hex 5A =Decimal 90=90 kph]

It is recommended, if not, possibly required to enable Variable Light
Distribution in order to have Active High Beam Assistant become fully active.
Instructions are below for enabling Variable Light Distribution.

Activate Variable Light Distribution
Variable Light Distribution requires a FLA/KAFAS camera to be installed in
the vehicle. This allows the light beam to adapt according to vehicle speed.
When driving in the city, a low beam is used to beber illuminate the road
immediately ahead without dazzling oncoming drivers. Then at higher speeds,
the headlamps are raised to increase visibility.
MODIFY THE READ FA-Remove 8S4 from the vehicle FA.

Activate Enhanced Bluetooth
Enhanced Bluetooth requires the vehicle to be equipped with HU_NBT or have
a combox if you have HU_CIC or HU_ENTRY. This enables you to stream audio via
Bluetooth, enable artwork, and USB stream music as well. If 6NH doesn°Øt
exist, add either 6NK of 6NS.
MODIFY THE READ FA-Change 6NH to 6NK (w/o BMW Assist) or 6NS (w/ BMW
Assist) from the vehicle FA.

Activate iDrive Office
iDrive Office is sometimes disabled based on Country Controllers. This will
enable you to have access to the Office Menu which will be located on the
main iDrive menu. (This offers Contacts, Email reading, Text Message
Receiving, etc.)

MODIFY THE READ FA-Remove Country Controller code (SL8Ax) from the vehicle

Activate Sport Automatic Transmission
Sport Automation Transmission (SAT) is a standalone option offered by BMW,
with paddle shiLers (though no required). This will enable to have faster,
and claimed smoother shifts with you ZF8HP Transmission. This will also
enable Sport+, if not already active.
MODIFY THE READ FA-Change 205 to 2TB from the vehicle FA.

Part 2:CAFD Codes(FDL Coding)
**It°Øs recommended to VO code first before doing any CAFD coding, since VO
coding will return values to their defaults.**
HEX Information: Most, if not, all values (werte) will be in HEX. You need
to convert the value from HEX to Decimal to get the true value. (Some
Examples: 08°™> 8 ; 1F°™> 31 ; 32°™> 50 ; 64°™> 100 ; FF°™>

HEX Units: Speed: km/h ; Time: Seconds/Hours ; Distance: Meters
BMW Rheingold ISTA+ 4.36

Angel LED Brightness (Xenon Headlamps or LED Headlamps required)
These adjust the brightness of the Angel LEDs. The values are in Hex. (Ex.
0% = 00, 25% = 19, 50% = 32, 100% = 64) **Supposedly doesn°Øt work on F32**
BMW F30 VOFDL Coding Guide (1)
Cornering Lights (Fog Lamps) & Fog Lamp Welcome Lights
Fog lights illuminate in the steered direcKon. **Front Fog Lights are
required for all features below**.
BMW F30 VOFDL Coding Guide (2)
Day-Running Lights & Activate Rear Fog Lamps

Rear Fog Lights require a working Rear Fog Light Button, which can be done
by using the plastic piece in place of the button and breaking the plastic
stopper inside the piece. No parts need to be bought.
BMW F30 VOFDL Coding Guide (3)

Assorted Lighting Features
**Door handle illumination in Reverse is already active on vehicles
equipped with Top-View Camera. *Translation for Auto Headlamp code: empfindlich
(sensitive) ; sehr_empfindlich (very sensitive) ; unempfindlich (insensitive)
; Tagfahrlicht (DRL)

BMW F30 VOFDL Coding Guide (4)
LED Replacement Turn Signal Bulbs Activation
With traditional turn signal bulbs, the F30 needs to check if the bulb is
still alive and working every 4 minutes the vehicle is on, resulting in a
very small pulse being sent to the light bulb, not enough to illuminate but
enough to verify the bulb is present and working. With LED bulbs, this causes
an actual flicker. These codes below remove the pulse monitoring and enables
LED bulb recognition. Recommended bulb: CREE 30W XB-D5 LED

BMW F30 VOFDL Coding Guide (5)
Instrument Cluster
When testing Speed Correction turned off, it causes the speed to always be
approximately 2 mph lower than Cruise Control set speed. Also, it°Øs
recommended not to set clock via GPS if equipped with BMW Online. **6WA
Cluster is the Extended Instrument Cluster**
BMW F30 VOFDL Coding Guide (6)
Safety Features & Precautions
Specific coding options for seatbelt chimes/reminders and safety
disclaimers in iDrive. **Do not set Active Blind Spot below 20 km/h**
BMW F30 VOFDL Coding Guide (7)

Vehicle Drivetrain Features, Sport Features, & Active Sound
**Active Sound Design (ASD) is only available on 2014+ F3x, all N20 engines
and some N55 engines. If you see the ECU, you can modify it.** ASD Choices:
F010 + S63B44 = (M5/M6 Sound) ; F080 + S55B30 = (M3/M4 Sound) ; F030 + N26B20
= (328i/428i Sound) ; F020/F021 + S63B44 = (ASD Off)

BMW F30 VOFDL Coding Guide (8)
General Locking/Window Features & Convenience Features
Opening/Closing via Comfort Access not included because it°Øs already
enabled by default. **HKFM codes are F31 (sports wagon). 20 minutes Nll
ASP_GESCHWINDIGKEIT_AUTO_AUSKLAPPEN to be same or higher value.** **Some cars
with MEMORY_OFF enabled may always have the A/C defaulted to Off at each
startup. Car reacNon may vary.**

BMW F30 VOFDL Coding Guide (9)
iDrive Features
These are features that vary between all the iDrive functions (Vehicle
Status, Navigation, Sound Sevngs, etc.) grouped by relativity. **Note:
CMB_MEDIA codes may or may not be under the HU_NBT module, since the combox
is integrated in HU_NBT. **Not all HU_CIC codes will work properly for HU_NBT
and vice–©versa, so if it°Øs not labeled for your equipped head unit, there
is no guarantee it will work.
BMW F30 VOFDL Coding Guide (10)
STARTUP EMBLEMS: variant_0, variant_2, and variant_6-BMW Connected Drive ;
variant_1- ///M ; variant_3-BMW i ; variant_4-Mini ; variant_5-Rolls Royce ;
variant_7-BMW White Startup ; variant_8-BMW Brown Startup ; variant_9-BMW
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Video In Motion & Playback Features, Owner°Øs Manual in Motion, and
Camera in Motion
Video in Motion is NOT available on HU_ENTRY. You must have HU_CIC or
HU_NBT. *USB Video playback should already be enabled in HU_NBT.
BMW F30 VOFDL Coding Guide (11)
Advanced Real-Time Traffic Information Activation
To actively change routes based on Traffic, enable Traffic Info under
Options in Navigation and enable Dynamic Guidance in Route Preferences.

BMW F30 VOFDL Coding Guide (12)
Heads-Up Display

**Most of the Heads–©Up Display functions are already acKve in the 2013+
BMW F30 VOFDL Coding Guide (13)

BMW Live Enabling
Once BMW Live is enabled, you can tether your phone data to your vehicle to
use the in-vehicle internet browser and BMW Live Access. However, you will
lose the ability to do Online Searches in Navigation and BMW Online Services.
**Not a recommended if your car includes BMW Online/Assist**
BMW F30 VOFDL Coding Guide (14)
Active Spoiler (F34 3-Series GT only)

The first value (00 or FF) is ignored. The second value is the modified
value, being the desired speed. For example, 6E (HEX)=110 (Decimal) =110
km/h. INV_V_ASP_OUT can be determined by taking the V_ASP_OUT value 6E (HEX)
= 110 (Decimal). Then (255-110 = 145). Then 145 (Decimal) = 91 (HEX) **For
those who can do HEX calculations: It°Øs (FF) minus (V_ASP_OUT Value). So
FF-6E = 91.**
BMW F30 VOFDL Coding Guide (15)
Seat Heating Temperature Levels/Memory Seats
Cold Weather Package/Heated Front Seats Required. The values are all
temperatures in HEX. The conversion: ([Desired Celsius Temperature]+40)*2.
Ex. I want 106o F, and 106o F = 41o C. So my value will be (41+40)*2 = 162
(decimal) = A2 (HEX).
BMW F30 VOFDL Coding Guide (16)
Headlamp Washers Configuration
**This will only work if you are equipped with Headlamp Washers, in the
Cold Weather Package** Most of these functions should work or change as
labeled. However, I have yet to go through testing with these.

BMW F30 VOFDL Coding Guide (17)
BMW F30 VOFDL Coding Guide (18)

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