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With this tool, you can basically handle all the BMW engineering coding or functional SWT jobs. You do need to have comprehensive professional knowledge to know how for BMW coding, we will help you to make everything simple enough to handle, either via USB or OBD2 plug-and-play. A couple of jobs which are very commonly used:
  • Video in motion
  • M Laptimer
  • Screen mirroring
  • BMW Apps
  • Apple Carplay
  • Carplay Fullscreen (2018.11-old version requires to flash/upgrade firmware) full-screen
  • Carplay RHD
  • Satellite Radio
With the SmartBimmer tool, you could enjoy more advanced functional jobs, like:
  • FSC generation
  • Install VO coding Fix Clear existing SWT/FSCs
  • Enable many features
  • Region Unlock
  • Unlock HDD
  • Change HU HWEL, Serial No., VIN
Two versions are available:
  1. SmartBimmer Master Version

To create online master accounts, you need the following information: Display name / First name / Last name / Email / City / Country

  1. SmartBimmer Client version

charged per job per car per activation, which all depends on customers’ demands. Downloading by:!fGA3UaKS!bbi4H1ykKcx8Te4l99O3tRXHsSCNgyS6MYDo8yd00yo, apply the activation codes through your dealers. Enjoy 2 ways of activation:

USB coding

Copy provided UPDxxxxx.BIN file (ignore the UPD00000.BIN for now) onto an available blank USB flash memory stick with the FAT32 file system. The recommended flash drive capacity is 2 or 4 or 8 GB. 2. Turn ignition on or start the engine of your car and plug the USB flash drive into the USB port in the glove box/center console. 3. Wait at least 30 seconds and then unplug the USB flash drive. 4. Reboot the iDrive system via press and hold the rotary volume button until 15-20 seconds. Alternatively lock the car for 10 minutes or use tool32 from EDIABAS with nbtevo.prg, job STEUERGERAETE_RESET. 5. The unit will start to boot, show 鈥淏MW ConnectedDrive鈥?on the screen, and automatically reboot several times. Do not interrupt the process. 6. For ID4 unit: All FSC codes will be installed except for Map Code 鈥?enter Map code with iDrive or place on the USB drive in a folder named FSC. 7. For ID5 unit: If iDrive asks for an activation code, you can update it by creating a new folder named FSC in the root of blank USB drive and copying the included .fsc file into it. Plug the USB drive into the USB socket and start the update. 8. Enjoy your new features.

OBD2 Activation via Enet

For EVO CarPlay activation, you download this SmartBimmer tool:!fGA3UaKS!bbi4H1ykKcx8Te4l99O3tRXHsSCNgyS6MYDo8yd00yo anytime you have a car, tell me the features you want, and we will send you codes and you pay. To work with SmartBimmerInstaller via OBD2, our codes do not expire and can be used multiple times on the same car/head unit, after the first use, the code is locked to the specific car & head unit;

Software Version Supporting

We support BMW, MiniCooper, Rolls-Royce, and ALL NBT iLevel to 2019-11, and all EVO software 2020 versions are currently supported.

Global Support

  • 00A4 China/Hong Kong/Macau
  • 00A5 Taiwan
  • 00A6 Korea
  • 00A7 Japan
  • 00A8 North America
  • 00A9 Europe
  • 00AA Australia/New Zealand
  • 00AB Middle East
  • 00AC North Africa
  • 00AD, South Africa
  • 00AE Southeast Asia
  • 00AF South Americ
  • 00B0 India
  • 00B1 Israel
  • 00CA Turkey
  • 00CD Argentina
  • 006F: Satellite Tuner (US market) 009C – BMW Apps
  • 009E – iSpeech
  • 009F – TTS
  • 00A0 – Navigation System Professional ECE / US 00A1 – Navigation System Professional Asia 00E5 – ///M Laptimer
  • 00F0 – ID4 Navigation Enabler
  • 0143 ID5/6 Apple CarPlay 016E ID5/6 Speech NLU 016F ID5/6 Speech TTS
  • 00F1 European Map
  • 00F2 Taiwan Map
  • 00F3 Korea Map
  • 00F4 Japan Map
  • 00F5 North America Map
  • 00F6 China / HK / Macau Map 00F7 Australia / New Zealand Map 00F8 Middle East Map
  • 00F9 North Africa Map 00FA South Africa Map 00FB Southeast Asia Map 00FC South America Map 00FD India Map
  • 00FE Israel Map 00FF Turkey Map 0100 Argentina Map
  • ID5
  • 0120 European Map
  • 0121: North America Map
  • 0122 Turkey Map
  • 0123 China / HK / Macau Map 0124 Australia / New Zealand Map 0125 Middle East Map
  • 0126 North Africa Map
  • 0127 South Africa Map
  • 0128 Southeast Asia Map
  • 0129 South America Map
  • 012A India Map
  • 012B Israel Map
  • 012C Argentina Map
  • 012D Taiwan Map
  • 012E Korea Map
  • 012F Japan Map
Brief Introduction of the System
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