BMW Sport mode coding: how to make your BMW more sporty for under $100

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to make BMW sportier at a low cost?
To get to grips with how it’s all going to work, keep in mind how modern
cars work. You’re probably already used to switching into your BMW’s Sport
mode (or if you’re lucky, even BMW Sport Plus mode), and obviously that isn’t
actually swapping your transmission out for something a little more finely
engineered. It’s all software.

So it makes sense that adjusting that software can change how your BMW
feels, and even performs. What’s more, as it doesn’t require making any
physical modifications to your car, it’s simple and lease-friendly.

How is this magic done, I hear you ask? Simple: BMW coding.

BMW Sport+ Mode

The first thing a lot of people turn to is BMW Sport Plus Mode. It’s
actually baked into a lot of BMWs (just like the Sport Mode, Comfort and Eco
driving modes), but for whatever reason, the suits in Bavaria don’t want to
let everybody switch it on.

So what is Sport Mode, and more importantly, what is its big brother,

Simply, both BMW Sport Mode and BMW SportPlus Mode adjust your vehicle’s
throttle response, gear shifting and suspension to maximize acceleration and
performance. Of course that’s at the expense of fuel efficiency, so the BMW
Sport Mode configuration isn’t something you’re going to be using all the

Where Sport Plus Mode stands apart from the run-of-the-mill Sport Mode is
in its traction settings, which are much more. permissive ūüėČ

What does Sport Mode do that Sport+ doesn’t? Well, in BMW Sport Mode, wheel
spin is kept under control thanks to Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) just
like it is in the more mundane driving modes. In BMW Sport Plus Mode, on the
other hand, DSC is disabled, leaving only Dynamic Traction Control (DTC). If
you live in a colder climate, you might already know a thing or two about
DTC; it’s the thing you turn to when you need to get a little wheel spin
going in the snow.
Needless to say, an aggressive driving configuration without the BMW Sport
Mode traction control means you’ll be having plenty of fun on the open road
with BMW Sport Plus Mode.

If you aren’t lucky enough to have Sport+ activated from the factory, it’s
simple to unlock through coding. With that done, you’ll be able to activate
it through the BMW iDrive menu like any other driving mode.

BMW Sport Display
Of course, sportiness isn’t all about how your car actually drives. It also
matters how it feels, and how well you understand what your car is
For that, the BMW Sport Display option is great to have. With it, you can
turn your iDrive screen into an extension of your instrument cluster, showing
real-time power and torque gauges. Whether you’re on the track or on the
highway, keeping a close eye on what your engine is doing is a great way to
understand your vehicle’s performance.

Again, it’s quick and easy to unlock through BMW coding.
Digital Speedometer

But what if you don’t want to dedicate your whole BMW iDrive screen to
performance? Even the sportiest drivers need to use the navigation directions
once in a while ūüėČ

BMW coding also makes it possible to add a digital speed reading to your
cluster, in addition to the standard analog gauges. A digital read out is
always going to be quicker and easier to read accurately, particularly during
more energetic driving when your speed can change rapidly.

Of course it’s never going to give you the experience of a fully digital
cluster, but it comes at a tiny fraction of the cost.

RDC Safety

Maximizing your car’s sporting prowess goes beyond just speed, though. You
need a finely balanced machine, ready to take on any challenge it
That starts where your car meets the road the tires.

The harder you drive, the more important it is that your tires are
performing at their best. You don’t want to lose traction in the middle of a
high-speed curve. To do that, you want to maintain optimal pressure at all

While your BMW iDrive will let you confirm your tire pressure is in an
acceptable range, it doesn’t go any deeper than that; maybe it’s fine now,
but only a hair away from dropping below safe operating pressure. By coding
the RDC Safety system, you’ll be able to check the exact PSI of all your
tires, straight from your BMW’s tire pressure sensors. Take all the guesswork
out of maintaining your tires.

BMW Start & Stop button coding
One thing that definitely stands in the way of a sporty everyday driving
style is the BMW auto start stop function; how are you going to beat anybody
off the lights if your engine has shut off? ūüėČ

Fortunately, for those more interested in quarter miles than miles to the
gallon, coding can give more flexibility to the BMW start stop disable
option. After switching the start/stop feature on or off, your BMW will
remember the previous setting next time you start up the car.

BMW Active Sound Design deactivation

With all this talk of software changes cranking up your vehicle’s
sportiness factor, it’s no surprise BMW themselves got in on the act. But the
way they did is. controversial, to say the least.
BMW Active Sound Design (ASD) pumps fake engine noise through your BMW’s
speakers, supposedly to make it feel more exciting to drive. That’s making up
real car engine sounds, which have faded away as the mechanics get smoother
and the vehicle cabin more isolated.

But if you’ve put the effort into picking the right exhaust and engine tune
to get the sound you want, you probably want the real deal shining
In older vehicles, doing that would require custom wiring to bypass the ASD
hardware in your BMW, but for vehicles with iDrive 7, it’s possible to code
ASD out.
It’s also a sensible option if you’ve fit an aftermarket BMW amplifier,
which is going to amplify the Active Sound Design as well as your

OK, so you know what’s possible, now you only need to figure out how to add
Sport Plus Mode to BMW, along with any other coding changes.

As coding requires making changes to your vehicle’s software, it’s always
worth working with a skilled technician, who can guarantee you’re getting the
new features you want. Then again, isn’t it easier to do everything at home,
without having to drag your car to a workshop somewhere for an

With Autosvs, you don’t need to choose you can have your cake and eat it!
Depending on your vehicle, you can either code your BMW in a remote coding
session online with our technician, or even by simply plugging a USB drive
with a custom prepared coding file into your BMW’s USB port. Either way,
you’ll have your BMW feeling sportier, at a time that suits you, without
going anywhere.

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