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trunk is not something you see that often, but that doesn’t mean you should
neglect it. In fact, there are so many practical upgrades you can add to make
your life easier and more comfortable. Some of these upgrades are on the more
expensive and impactful side, and others are so simple that they will leave
you wondering why haven’t you done all this before?

Probably, the best trunk modification you can add to your car is an
automatic lift and closing feature. By upgrading the lid with a power trunk
release you get remote control over your trunk. With a push of a button on
your BMW key fob, the trunk lid or your dashboard, you can now get access to
the trunk space, and that really makes a lot of difference when your hands
are full. No more awkward fumbling with bags in front of your car ever

Moreover, that is not the only problem you can solve with this upgrade. A
smart automatic system grants you much more control over the trunk by setting
the exact height your lid stops at. And also you can forget about hitting
ill-fitting things with your trunk lid when you close it. The mechanisms will
stop closing automatically before any parts can get damaged.

See how to install the Power Trunk kit in BMW F30:

Your BMW ran out of power? Learn how to open a BMW trunk manually.

If you are going for both utility and style, then this little upgrade may
appeal to you as well. The trunk lip spoiler is a small detail that can
change the whole look of your vehicle. By adding it you instantly achieve a
more aggressive and sporty appearance to the back of your car.

Not only does it make your trunk look better, but it also serves a purpose.
The lip spoiler provides extra downforce on the trunk which can be beneficial
in high-speed driving situations. This is how it works: the pressure created
by the spoiler redirects the airflow in a way that it presses the trunk
closer to the ground. And the more contact area between the tires and the
road, the better. That’s why a trunk lip spoiler is not only a cosmetic
upgrade but also a practical one as well.

Some extra light inside of your trunk when you are looking for something
inside in a badly lit area can never hurt. Sometimes OEM lights are dim and
don’t give enough light, but that doesn’t mean you have to keep a flashlight
in your pocket all the time. There is a simple and stylish alternative to
that special LED strips made for cars.

Installing them is pretty straightforward and they don’t require any
specific skills or knowledge. You can find a trunk light kit with all the
necessary parts and instructions included in the package or use video
tutorials to learn some tricks. And the best part is that you can choose the
place for your trunk light yourself. That way you will get the perfect amount
of light exactly where you need it. And who said you must stick to the white
and yellow colors only? Here is your chance to get creative, and make
something special if you want to.

LED lights are really bright, they don’t heat up much and their power
consumption is really low. And if strips are too much for you, there is
another option upgrading your trunk lights with LED bulbs. Of course, this is
still a modification, so you should do some research first, prepare the
necessary tools and learn how to wire them properly before you start. But as
long as you do that, you should be fine.

Need to replace your tail lights? Here’s how you do it on BMW F30:

If you are tired of small things rolling from side to side inside the
trunk, but you have to carry them around regardless, then maybe trunk
organizers are a better solution for you. They come in different shapes,
sizes, and colors, so finding the perfect one to match your trunk interior
should not be a problem.

You won’t have to worry about stuff slipping off the trunk walls and
falling into the abyss beneath the seats with a trunk organizer. Everything
will be exactly where you placed it. There are compartments and pockets of
various sizes for all sorts of things, so you can arrange everything how you
want it.

Trunk space is simply a dumping ground for others, but it might be seen as
a storage area for some. However, if you want to keep your trunk neat and
clean for years to come, now is the time to start thinking about protecting
it. Groceries, parts, and other things can leak on the trunk floor, leaving
stains and unpleasant smells. And since you don’t always have room in your
schedule for a good cleanup, throwing in a rubber mat can make your life a
little more pleasant.

That’s why trunk liners and mats exist after all. They are made of
different materials, but they share one common goal to protect your trunk
floor from spills and leaks. Some trunk mats are even waterproof which makes
them an ideal choice for those who often transport things that may leak or
spill. There are also trunk liners with raised edges that can contain spills
and dirt inside the trunk area, making cleanup a lot easier.

Gotta do some work underneath your storage panel? This is how you
disassemble your trunk panel on BMW G20:

If you often find yourself short on trunk space, then maybe it’s time to
start thinking about some storage solutions. There are plenty of trunk
storage accessories available on the market that can help you organize your
trunk space better and make the most of it.

One of the most popular trunk storage solutions is a cargo net. It can be
used to keep things in place and prevent them from rolling around in the
trunk. You can also use it to secure larger items that might shift during the
ride. It is a good option if you don’t often have to carry such things and
have no need for an organizer.

Have you ever felt anxious about forgetting to lock your trunk? If the
answer is yes, then you might want to consider some extra security solutions.
There are various accessories and devices available that can help you keep
your trunk area safe and secure from intruders or your own little

One of the most popular options is a trunk lock. It is a simple device that
can be installed in minutes and will prevent anyone from opening your trunk
without your permission. These locks come in different designs, so you can
choose the one that best suits your needs.

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