DIMSport Dyno Bike power bench tester

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DIMSport Dyno Bike power bench tester

Dimsport Dynobike is a combined inertial/braked dynamometer developed for testing power of bikes. This computerized diagnostic system is crucial to deeply monitor performance details of road and race motorbikes.

Thanks to the big roller and the extraordinary efficiency of the eddy current brake (80 kg*m) this combined dyno allows to assess with extreme accuracy and repeatability performance of bikes starting from a few horse power up to the great power of superbikes (theoretical braking power over 500 Hp at 6500 RPM). Its ability to stabilize engine at a certain preset RPM/speed makes it easier to carry out a precise engine tuning through the measuring or diagnostic tools available from the workshop’s equipment.

Dynobike is developed to adapt to any load condition with maximum weight of 1000 kg. Furthermore, it is not very high from the floor, which means that it can be easily accessed with a ramp only 140 cm long so being able to be installed in narrow spaces too, while however being able to test motorbikes up to 2100 mm. Safety equipment preserves personal security by leaving maximum freedom for the operative and actual work. The blocking vise can be finely adjusted to optimize the positioning of the bike at the center of the roller. The forced ventilation system at medium pressure works through a tangential fan of 5.5 kW or 7.5 kW, that can be also linked to an inverter: this allows to supply the right airflow and air speed for engine cooling and the right pressurization of Air Boxes.

The managing software can analyze acquired data in a customized way and can compare up to 8 tests. The user can even decide to assess the power loss in order to calculate the engine power, but also to acquire data at wheel, in a continuous cycle with automatic saving procedure of tests and rapid slowing down. Furthermore, several optional specific sensors allow to acquire data such as: environmental pressure/temperature, engine water/oil temperature, exhaust gas temperature, air/fuel ratio through wideband.


  • Max power at wheel and graph of the related curve
  • Max engine power and related graph
  • Torque at wheel and related graph
  • Engine torque and related graph
  • Simulation at constant RPM
  • Simulation at constant speed
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