DIMSport Dyno Tractor power bench tester

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DIMSport Dyno Tractor power bench tester

Dimsport Dyno Tractor is a diagnostic system developed for agricultural vehicles provided with cardan shaft.
Supported by a management unit, it allows to measure a number of parameters like the engine power value. Dyno Tractor’s shaft brake is released with high quality material that warrants high twist resistance. A standard joint cardan shaft (optional) allows easy connection to the vehicle and makes it possible to quickly perform the following measurements:
Maximum take-off power
Maximum engine power
Maximum take-off torque
Maximum engine torque
Cardan shaft rpm
Intake manifold pressure
Water / oil temperature
Exhaust gas temperature

Dyno Tractor is equipped with eddy current brake. Two models are available: the single brake version – allowing the measurement of up to 250 Kw engine power – and the double brake version – allowing the measurement of up to 500 kw engine power. Its modular structure allows you purchasing an upgrade to update the machine from the single brake version to the top version.

The available test for the measurement and diagnostic are:

  • Timed constant engine rpm test
  • Constant traction test
  • Manual braking test
  • Decelerative test
  • Real time data logger
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