DIMSport Rapid Bike available for Euro 5 Yamaha 900 cc models

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Rapid Bike available for Euro 5 Yamaha 900 cc models

Yamaha’s best sellers MT 09 and Tracer 9 have been upgraded to comply with the Euro 5 regulation. Rapid Bike Technical Dept. developed new fueling parameters to offer add-on modules enhancing the full potential of the Japanese 900cc three-cylinders engine.

Yamaha MT 09 and Tracer 9 popularity is due to  a perfect balance between comfort, design, and performance. Rapid Bike EVO and RACING fueling kits further increase all these qualities and deliver unexpected level of riding pleasure even in the most challenging conditions.

Rapid Bike Evo adjusts fueling values while improving torque at lower and medium revs thanks to the complete control of air/fuel ratio.

Rapid Bike Racing takes a further step thanks to a new  ignition map delivering consistent performance increase throughout the entire RPM range. Euro 5 limitations are no longer a problem, and the rider can enjoy Iwata’s three-cylinders engine full responsiveness.

Dyno testing sessions shows excellent results in terms of torque and power gain, and the engine reaches top values between 6500 and 9500rpm. Rapid Bike Racing module updated with new settings pushes Yamaha MT 09 and Tracer 9 all the way to 125.5 hp and 10.1 kg/m.

Rapid Bike Evo and Racing add-on modules are pre-mapped and rely on the auto-adaptive feature to provide with a user-friendly solution for injection values adjustments: it is also possible to customize fueling parameters using a calibration software available in both versions, for motorcyclists and professional tuners.

Go to the Rapid Bike application list for Yamaha MT 09 and Tracer 9

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