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an EDIABAS.ini Configurator. Many have this already installed in their
ediabas directory but some ediabas versions did not include this. And also
many may not even know what this does.

This is a really good tool to use when switching interfaces when using
INPA/WinKFP/NCSExpert/etc to Esys BMW and
EsysPlus for
 Ediabas Konfigurator Download & Installation

How to Install Ediabas Konfigurator

Step 1:
Download and extract folder to your ediabas root directory (c:ediabas) so
address should look like this once done C:ediabasEdiabas-Konfigurator
Step 2:
Create a shortcut to your desktop or somewhere accessible instead of
navigating into the directory each time.
Step 3:
Run Ediabas-Konfigurator.exe and select the interface you would like to use
in the Interface drop down menu for example I used ENET
Step 4:
Click “?ndern” which translates to “Change”
Step 5:
You will receive another popup showing “Das Interface wurde auf
“ENET” geandert” which translates to “the interface has
been changed to ENET” if you get this message your ediabas.ini has
successfully been changed.

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