Evoque L358 2012 – 2018 Range Rover Symptom Driven Diagnostics SDD JLR Diy Kit ​

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Evoque L358 2012 - 2018 Range Rover Symptom Driven Diagnostics SDD JLR Diy Kit

SDD (Symptom Driven Diagnostics)

SDD is the latest development by JLR in vehicle diagnostics. Designed to be easy to use and extremely efficient in fault finding. Conventional diagnostic systems read fault codes and

offer them to the end user. It is then upto the the end user to analyse the codes and find the vehicle fault from the data that has been provided.

SDD instead asks the end user the fault with the vehicle and progresses to analyse the fault codes and offers the solution to fix the vehicle on a relevance to likely ratio.

Should you wish to intervene and only see the fault codes then this option is open to the end user but keep in mind, SDD was developed to recommend the repairs.

Alongside diagnostics the service functions allows vehicle and module programming and vehicle customisation.

A selection of what can be done with SDD:

  • Fault Code Reading / Resetting analysing for repairs
  • Service Lights
  • Read / Clear / Reset Air bag Light codes
  • Read / Clear / Reset ABS Light codes
  • Programming Modules
  • Clearing adaptions
  • Programming extra keys
  • Programming personalisation like ride height or folding wing mirrors.
  • DPF Regeneration
  • Activate pumps for brake bleeding
  • Adjust vehicle heights
  • Program new DSC units




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