Free Download and Install JLR SDD V164

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Free Download and Install JLR SDD V164

Jaguar Land rover JLR SDD latest diagnostic software goes to V164 (Feb. 2023).

JLR SDD V164 can be downloaded free here:

Software version: V164

Vehicle coverage: Jaguar Land rover 2005-2017

Language:  English, German, Russian, French, Dutch, Portuguese, Japanese, Spanish, Italian and Simplified Chinese.

Operating Systems: Windows 10/8 /7. Tested fine on Win10 64bit.

Supported Hardware:

VCM Rotunda both original and clone

Mongoose PRO


Da-Dongle J2534 VCI (replaced VCM I)

JLR VCI (Jaguar Land Rover approved SAE j2534 Pass-Thru interface)


Drivers VCM_I/VAS5054A/Mongoose

Other 3rd party VCIs remain to be tested.

Free download

after successfully installed and ,just apply patch
patch is working, disable antivirus and use patch only after install SDD.

How to Install JLR SDD V164?

Procedure is similar to mangoose pro, vxdiag, godiag or other JLR scanners, only use different drive.

Better on Wun7 64bit system. Other systems test by your side.

Check video guide below:

SDD Function:

1. Data Lists

2. Active Tests

3. Monitor

4. Utility tests

5. Reprogramming

6. Diagnostics Trouble Codes

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