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Free Download WinOLS 4.70 | Official Blog provides free WinOLS 4.70 program for ecu programmers (kess v2, pcmtuner, kt200 etc) checksum correction.




Resource 1: google drive

Free Download WinOLS 4.70

Resource 2: Mega Link 1

Resource 3: Mega Link 2

Winols 4.70

Disable anti-virus program before downloading.

No activation is required. 


Winols 4.7 NEW VERSION

Fully Activated software (original installer not a VM image)

With alot of Checksum plugins activated

WinOls software is a dedicated program designed to modify the data memory of ECUs (Engine Control Units). The WinOls software helps you search and find maps within the ECU data file. These maps can be names and altered in view and format to suit your needs and requirements. Through several different methods, you are able to edit and modify the data file.

Software version 4.7

Works on windows 7/ 10

Possibility to install on multiple PC’s

very simple installation.

Winols 4 70 Download
Winols 4 70 Download 2
Winols 4 70 Download 3

Resource 2

Winols 4.7 software installation:
1. Clear the winols files that have been previously installed with older versions, you can use Revo Uninstaller to clear them.
2. Do not set the time to be automatically synchronized, the time will change when winols is opened.
3. In the software settings, do not check the box to find updates.
4. KT200 software and winols4.7 cannot be opened at the same time.

After install go to control panel /windows firewall / Advanced setting left you can see option
1: Inbound Rules
2:Outbound Rules
Select Inbound Rules and Look right you can see New Rule click New Rule /next/Browse / go to program files(x86) /EVC/winols/select ols.exe and click open then/next now select( Block the connection) /next/next write any name and click finish
Now Retry the method again with Outbound Rules and make sure to select Block the connection Very important to prevent this program from connecting to the Internet
Now the update message will not appear and the program will work without any problems. Good luck to everyone.

Video guide: How to install WinOLS 4.70 on Win10

Winold 4.70 2

Resource 3:

Tips to Install it on Win7 64bit:

the date changes by it self only the software runs and when you close it the date will change to normal automatic. once you load the software just in case update pops up make sure to turn off automatic update in Winols.

If have “searching for update”problem, first uninstall winols again delete EVC folder from C:  install winols demo version…XpC3ipxZjQ   after you install the demo version open the demo and close it again once you close the demo version again uninstall the demo version and follow the procedure again install the winols 4.7 fully functional as the video shows and after setup complete when winols 4.7 opens dont do nothing.

Once you open winols you can reset the date, it will still work.

Test working on win11 64bit and  Win10 64bit.

Winold 4.70 1

For english :- in configuration menu select any other language, restart Winols, then again select English language and restart.

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