Guidance on how To Use BMW E-sys Coding Software

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to use BMW E-sys coding software?

After you reading this article,hope you can use E-sys coding software to
coding for you BMW.

What Tool you need for starting E-sys coding?

  • Esys BMW and
    EsysPlus Software
    (BMW E-sys Coding Software Free Download)
  • BMW Enet cable or
    BMW Enet
  • Laptop which Esys BMW and
    installed on.
  • BMW
    /Flashing/Progrmming PDF+Video

  • Step 1: Install BMW E-sys Coding Software on you
  • Step 2: Connect cable to computer then to car.
  • Step 3: Open the E-sys software,and click the connect
  • Step 4: Select F series you are working on, my case F10 and
    select Connection via VIN and click “Connect
  • Step 5: Click “OK”
  • Step 6: Click “Read”
  •      Note:Option to save or not to

  • Step 7: Click “Read (VCM)”(Read SVT in newer E-Sys
  • Step 8: Select CADF (only one with a green Check mark) file under
    the module you want to read
  • and select “Read Coding Data”

  • Step 9:Error Report, Click “Close” (or save if
  • Step 10:New option under CADF, a folder. Expand the folder by
    clicking + and right click that file, Select “EDIT
  • Step 11: Browse the folders till you find your option, I want
  • Step 12: Factory option set to nicht_active. Right click, select
  • Step 13:Select option desired, in this case, select
  • Step 14: Once all changes have been made, Click the
    “Save” icon
  • Step 15: Once saved, click the green back arrow
  • Step 16: Right click FA, select “Activate
  •     Activating FA, just wait till it
    finishes. Once finished, FA should show (active) in green. If not, try
        Note: If you do not activate FA
    as described in Step 19, you will receive this message

  • Step 17: Select the CAFD file that you just edited and then click
    “CODE FDL”
  • Step 18 :Coding FDL (progress)
  • Step 19:After it completes, Click
  • Step 20: Error report will open, view and click “Close”
    (or save if necessary)
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