How to activate mercedes wis for w223 w206 w213

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How does WIS get the hardware ID and enter the registration code KEY1.First you need to tell us whether you have installed Mercedes-Benz XENTRY diagnostic software.2. WIS_GetHWID锛孖f your computer only needs to install WIS and does not install XENTRY diagnostics, you only need to tell us the hardware ID obtained by the software WIS_GetHWID (tip: please use the ID software WIS_GetHWID to try to obtain your computer hardware ID multiple times to confirm your The computer will not change the hardware ID after restarting the computer, and then tell us your hardware ID. The computer installs the software driver, and changing the computer hardware will also cause the hardware ID to change. The hardware ID change will cause the registration code key to be invalid, and we will not be responsible. such responsibilities)-Picture-13. If Xentry diagnosis is installed on your computer, you not only need to tell us the hardware ID obtained by the software WIS_GetHWID, but also need to install WIS-21-07.exe to obtain the hardware ID. The software installation password is FremdsoftwareWIS@21-07-Picture-2-Picture-34.The WIS-21-07.exe software installation is complete, open the WISConfiguration Tool software, and click “Overview”-“WIS offline”-“SAVE”.-Picture-4-Picture-55.Tell us your Startkey Hardware ID: XXXXXXXXXXXX, (12 numbers) and APP ID: X (one number)(Tips: Restart the computer, check if your hardware ID will change, if not, send the hardware ID to us, we need a stable hardware ID)-Picture-66. We will send the KEY to you, click Manual to enter the KEY, if the KEY is correct, it will prompt that the save is successful, click OK.-Picture-7Open WIS,W167,W206,W213,W223,W238,you can see-Picture-8-Picture-9-Picture-10

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