How to Active Audi MMI 3G Map Basic & 3G High

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How to Active Audi MMI 3G Map Basic & 3G HighThis article shows the guide on how to activate Audi MMI Map 3G & 3GP.Caution: Metafile activators are usually linked to a specific firmware, please double-check the firmware that you’ve in your car and the activator. Activating the map: 3G Basic and 3G High Format your SD in FAT32 Copy the root of your activator in the SD(like the picture below) Usually is a folder called FSC and a file called metainfo2.txtHow to Active Audi MMI Map3G &3 GP (1)Open “Engineering Menu”

MIB BACK+Top Left Button

A screen like this will appearHow to Active Audi MMI Map3G &3 GP (2)Insert the SD card with the activator in slot 1Press the “Update” option using the MMI Control PanelHow to Active Audi MMI Map3G &3 GP (3)Scroll down with the big knob and select the source in the menu(SD 1) pressing it.How to Active Audi MMI Map3G &3 GP (4)Select the activator by pressing the big knob onceHow to Active Audi MMI Map3G &3 GP (5)Select “Standard”How to Active Audi MMI Map3G &3 GP (6)You will see a list.Scroll to bottom and press”Start Update”How to Active Audi MMI Map3G &3 GP (7)Another screen appears informing you that once you start updating this must not be interrupted.Select “Start” and press the big knob.How to Active Audi MMI Map3G &3 GP (8)The MMI will reboot and the update process will start.How to Active Audi MMI Map3G &3 GP (9)After some minutes the activator will finish copying files.A resume with all updated modules will appear. Scroll down and press “Continue”How to Active Audi MMI Map3G &3 GP (9)Select “Cancel documentation” and the MMI will rebootHow to Active Audi MMI Map3G &3 GP (10)Your map must be activated now.Activating the map:3GP(KELDO’s Activator)Caution: There are some activators on the internet with a modified code that will erase the flash memory may be bricking your unit so be carefulWhen you download it, double check that your file size is 3634 bytes that’s the correct one.Getting THE XCODE FOR YOUR CAROpen Green MenuGo to WLAN and click it.Copy your MAC addressHow to Active Audi MMI Map3G &3 GP (12)Exit from the Green Menu using any button,e.g:”CAR” or “RADIO”Using the XCodeCalculator just write your MAC address and you’ll get the code.If you don’t have access to calculator or want to calculate it manually you have to:

1 Split the MAC address in 2 parts 0a1b2c丨3d4e5f
2 Extract only the numbers 12丨345
3 Sum both numbers 12+345=357
4 Sum 1984 to your result 357+1984=2341
5 Your XCode is ready 2341

 Preparing the files for the activatorOnce you have your XCode rename your file Xcode_00040009.fsc replacing XCode with your code,eg.:Xcode_00040009.fsc->2341_00040009.fscFormat your SD in FAT32.Transfer both files to the SD card root:2341_00040009.fscCopie_scr.shHow to Active Audi MMI Map3G &3 GP (14) Activating the MAPCaution: Do NOT insert the SD until MMI has fully booted (usually 5-10 minutes)Make sure that MMI is fully booted(press all buttons once RADIO CAR NAV MEDIA TELWait until all options are okay (no options in gray) Even when all options are okay wait a minute more.Insert the SD card into the first MMI slot.Don’t touch anythingWait 15-60 seconds, if everything is done according to the instructions, the MMI itself will turn off and reboot.Enjoy your fully activated map!TroubleshootingIf something goes wrong, you can check your SD for a file called “install.log”Error: The activation token is not found, please refer to the instructionsReason: The script can’t find your FSC fileSolution: Make sure that your SD has both files “2341_00040009.fsc“ and “”Error: Activation failed, Was the ignition switch on?Reason: The script can’t find your WLAN MAC addressSolution: Access to Green Menu->WLAN and check that the Mac is not empty Exit from the Green Menu using any button like CAR or RADIO. Insert the SD with the activator and wait a minute to reboot.

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