How to Change BMW 6NH to 6NS by E-sys

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How to Change BMW 6NH to 6NS by E-sys

Several days ago, I found a topic about changing 6NH to 6NH on the Bimmerfest forum. Someone asked for help to change his new BMW from a 6NH to a 6NS to coding and replace the option with 6NS. Here, I rewrite this method. I hope it helps!

Step 1. Change FA from 6NH to 6NS:

Change FA,please read below article.
How to change BMW FA (VO) in F-series car
BMW Coding/Flashing/Progrmming

Step 2. VO Code Head Unit and standalone Combox (CMB_MEDIA) if present:

Connect => Read FA (VO) => Activate FA (VO) => Read SVT (VCM)
=> Right-Click on Head Unit ECU (e.g. HU_NBT, HU_CIC, HU_CHAMP, HU_ENTRY,
HU_ENTRYNAV, etc.) (the ECU itself not the underlying CAFD) => Select CODE
(Not Code FDL).

Repeat Step 2 above for and standalone Combox (CMB_MEDIA) if present.
* Note: 6NS is used for NBT Head Unit. For cars with 6NH and ENTRY or
CHAMP2 Head Units, use 6NK, or 6NL if car is equipped with BMW Assist.


When I look at the FA list I don’t have option 6NH! I have 6NR (apps, I think) but no other 6N option.

Should I just add 6NS?
I obviously have the standard Bluetooth and USB audio (which I think is
6NH) so don°Øt understand why it isn°Øt listed??
Could it cause any issues if I add 6NS? Or would it just not work and worse
case I just delete and recode?

Since 6NH is standard Equipment for ALL F15 builds, the 6NH Option Code
does not appear in the VO. E-Sys and ISTA will know to encode it for 6NH
based on the Chassis Code and Build Date. In contrast, cars where Basic
Bluetooth isn°Øt even standard equipment and the car comes equipped with 6NH,
the Option Code will appear in the VO.
Yes, just add 6NS. You cant harm it, and you can easily remove it and
return to factory coding.

I went through the steps and edited the VO by changing the 6NH in SALAPA
elements to 6NS. ie I edited the H to be an S.
I then coded the ECU etc.
Now the office menu appears and it shows SMS messages but there is no
option for showing Bluetooth streaming.
What else do I need to do? Pair the phone for Bluetooth again? Code
something else? Add 6NS into the SALAPA elements along with 6NH?

No. Just 6NS, not both.
Did you VO Code Head Unit and Combox if you had one with 6NS in the
Is A2DP enabled on the Phone under your Bluetooth connection options?
Under iDrive, is Audio checked under both the Phone Option and the
Bluetooth Option?

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