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Several days ago,one of my blog readers sent a email to me for
the problem about how to active iinternet & BMW live.I searched net and
found some real cases on some BMW forums,here i post them here on purpose to
share it.Hope it will bring you some enlightenment.

Case one from bimmerfest forum
My car is an F20 M Sport with no extras except for tinted windows and
extended dashboard display.
Managed to code up my car this morning to change BMW services to
ConnectedDrive and enable BMW Live. I°Øm was able to connect via my iPhone,
sign up, and use all the services successfully!
How to Coding/ Active Internet & BMW Live-1How to Coding/ Active
Internet & BMW Live-2

Only thing is sometimes when I leave the BMW live screen, if I go back I
get a grey page. probably missed sone thing while coding. EDIT: after 24hr,
this stopped happening, so probably needed a full reset.

I did not VO code the car for this feature. I specifically enabled a couple
of features:

HU_ENTRY->3000 HMI->Funktionen->CONNECTED_DRIVE->aktiv

you may also need to enable these:

In order to use this feature, you need a mobile phone with bluetooth, and
the ability to use its internet. For example, on my iPhone i must enable the
°ÆPersonal Hotspot°Ø functionality in settings. If you cannot see this
option, you likely need to pay your carrier for it.
How to Coding/ Active Internet & BMW Live-3
Case two from bimmerfest forum

If you want to activate only live (online, the same thing):

1. FDL-code CMB_MEDIA:
MAIN_BOARD_ALONE -> mainboard_alone
2. °∞Update services°± from the idrive
3. FDL-code CMB_MEDIA:
MAIN_BOARD_ALONE -> ecallboard_present
If you want to turn °∞online°± to °∞live°±, you must do one or two fdl
changes in hu_cic, can°Øt remember which ones. This is really not necessary
because live is the same thing as online, only name changes.
If you want to activate the useless internet browser, then do it like in
post #13
Ps. These methods work only for ECE cars with factory option bmw assist. US
cars and ECE cars without assist need different coding.

Live and internet:
Okay, here is modified version of Shawnsheridan°Øs fake-vin method to
activate Online/live & Internet browser on a car with BMW assist:
Use one of three fake vins, if one does not work then try the next one.
They are all assist-free with internet option. This works at least on ECE

1. FDL-code CMB_MEDIA:
MAIN_BOARD_ALONE -> mainboard_alone

2. Edit FA
VIN = WBAFV31030DZ17872
3. FDL-code CMB_MEDIA without further changes
4. °∞Update services°± from the idrive
5. Load and activate original VO
6. FDL-code CMB_MEDIA:
MAIN_BOARD_ALONE -> ecallboard_present

That°Øs it. When you hit Online or Internet and your mobile shows that
tethering is activating (blue mark appears on android top bar, don°Øt know
about iOS and others), then it is working. It must appear for both online and
internet. °∞Homepage not available°± or something like that means actually
that it is working, you must just wait.
Here are related option codes from my vehicle order:
F11, Build date 9/11, ECE

609 Navigation system Professional
612 BMW Assist
614 Internet, preparations
615 Expanded BMW Online Information
616 Bmw Online
633 Preparation, mobile phone, Business
698 Area-Code 2 for DVD
6AA BMW Teleservices
6AB Control for Teleservices
6FL USB/Audio Interface
6VC Control for Combox
7SP Nav Professional/cellph. prep. Bluetooth
801 National Version Germany
851 Language Version German
879 On-board vehicle literature German
Ps. Please post your results. Which vin you used or did it work with your
own vin?

Case three from bimmerfest forum

By shawnsheridan:

I have read extensively on this, and I have tried getting BMW Live working
on my F10 with no success. I know it is possible though, as the Professional
Retrofitters offer it. In any event, my understanding is that the two, BMW
Assist and BMW Live (Internet), can not coexist. It°Øs one or the other. The
BMW Live (Internet) is better in that you get Google Street View, Google
Panoramio, and the Web Browser; however, since Google Send-To is part of BMW
Assist, if you replace BMW Assist with BMW Live you, you loose that
functionality. Other than that, I don°Øt see any downside, and the upside,
besides the advanced functionality, is you can save 150 Ä per year.
You can start by coding the following and see what you get:

ONLINE_SERVICES = aktiv / Werte=01
ONLINE_BROWSER = beide_aktiv / Werte=03 ®C Adds °∞BMW Online°± and
°∞Internet°± under ConnectedDrive=>BMW Assist
ONLINE_BROWSER_LIVE = aktiv / Werte=01 ®C Replaces °∞BMW Online°± with
°∞BMW Live°± under ConnectedDrive=>BMW Assist.

This is for an F10, so other chassis coding may differ slightly.
If that does not work, I believe you will have to remove BMW Assist related
services (presumably S639A) from the VO, and recode the CIC based on the
modified VO.
If it seems to be working, but the Internet screen says it is not available
in your country, I believe you will need to code the VIN of an °∞allowed°±
country into Combox, and in the Combox set TELEMATIK_VIN=coding_vin, which
tells the Combox which VIN number to use, either the one coded or the one
found on the MOST BUS (i.e. the car°Øs).
In summary, BMW Live can be enabled, but BMW Assist needs to be removed,
but without removing Bluetooth, and the Combox VIN needs to be from a country
authorized to utilize the BMW Live Servers / Portal.

The problem for U.S. cars, we don°Øt have SA612 for Assist, rather we have
SA639 (BMW Assist with Bluetooth), and if you remove SA639, you also loose
Bluetooth. I am not sure how to remove Assist, and add just Bluetooth. I will
play around with it some more though and see if I can figure it out. Let me
know if you are able to get yours working, and if so, how.


HOW TO: activating internet service Combox/CIC (Internet via Customer
Mobile Phone)
This part is original from vortex,thanks for his generous sharing.

This information is absolutely free, so there is no need to pay anyone for
this °∞TOP-SECRET°± internet activation procedure!!

I did it like described here for myself and it worked this way instantly
without problems.

There might be other ways to activate internet or maybe I did some steps
which are useless, however, this way it worked for me, maybe you can refine
the procedure here so you have the exact steps.

Activation internet for Combox should also work for older software
versions, so try it out and see what happens.

Keep in mind that you will lose assist related services if you activate
°∞Internet over customer mobile phone°±, which makes sense, because BMW has
its own internet flat rate for assist customers in his portfolio.

You will need for activation:

Suitable VIN (eg from eBay or you local BMW dealer)
Internet capable phone, able to share internet connection over Bluetooth
(e.g. iPhone with tethering activated). If your provider blocks tethering, enable
it with tools like tetherme from cydia store°≠
The idea is to let the BMW servers think, that your Combox is in a BMW,
which is built for a country where assist service is not mandatory for
internet access. You can analyze the homepages connected drive
section to see what services are available for what country. I don°Øt have
the url handy so maybe someone who knows can post it here.

Keep in mind that COMBOX with internet was not built for car from 1999 so
look for the right models/makes/years!
All cars with Combox which are built for the US-Market are okay for
EBay or your local US BMW dealer is a good source to get the VIN you
require. You can use this VIN also in a county where Internet without assist
is not allowed E.G. Germany.

Theoretically a customer could have bought his car in USA and then could
have traveled to Germany and could use internet service there°≠
I don°Øt know what will happen if a unique VIN accesses Internet from
different countries multiple times parallel. I think BMW is able to detect
this and might take appropriate steps against it, like shutting down services
for those VINs°≠

In this case internet will stop working in your car.
However this is not my problem, but should become one for those who sell
services for enabling internet. I°Øm curious if we will hear reactions about
that somewhere.
Here is what you have to do, to get internet running:

First remove assist related services from your CIC and recode CIC with
NCSExpert. You might want to use this well known .ssd file (E90-612.SSD.txt
)with the option $612 removed.
Once CIC is coded properly, with tool32 write a suitable VIN into the Combox.
CMEDIAR.prg is the right ECU for that. I changed the VIN at 2 places in

FG_schreiben and something below which is also VIN writing related.
To make sure the related VIN is set proper in all involved ECUs I also
coded the VIN into CIC (CICR.prg) same place FG_schreiben and the one below.
It might be that you do not need to do this for CIC.

I also coded Combox to TELEMATIK_VIN=coding_vin however, maybe this is also
an useless step.
After coding that enable iPhone tethering function.

Go to connected drive or BMW online menu and chose to update BMW-Services.
It now should make an online update of available services. Your iPhone begins
to blink blue (tethering)
After the services are updated and if your Combox VIN is in white-list or
is not blacklisted internet will work.
Make sure the VIN you code (and you need to get) is full length plus a
digit (for checking the sum), however, any digit will do°≠
Good luck with this, greetings to east Europe and coming next: How to
enable BMW LIVE features!
Some problems about active Internet & BMW Live

Q1:I have activating BMW ConnectedDrive account and I have Internet option
in menu.
But when I run it I get a message that Internet service is not available in
my country

A1:The phone connects to the car via bluetooth, and the phone internet
connection needs to be °Æshared°Ø ®C which is tethering. I had exactly the
same message when I forgot to enable bluetooth tethering on my iphone. After
enabling, it works fine.

A2:Internet is available in the UK
If you have a BMW assist account it seems to only be able to use the cars
built in data.
The manual and the car seem to infer that you can use it via the phone by
selecting Data via bluetooth in the iDrive but I°Øve never got the Data via
bluetooth to work
BMW Live uses it via the mobile phone, so may be the Data via bluetooth
will only work if you don°Øt have BMW assist!

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