How to coding BMW F10 DVD in Motion

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of drivers’ safety,BMW video in motion is disabled in default. But in some
situations, it is useful to play video while you are driving.DVD Video in
Motion is a very nice feature that be coded on your BMW F10 and although you
cannot watch a movie while driving, your passenger will be glad to have this
mod enabled. 

how to coding
bmw f10 DVD in motion

Coding Tools you need?

  • BMW Enet cable or
    BMW Enet
  • A laptop with Esys BMW and
    E-sys Coding Software Free Download)
  • BMW

    Here comes the easy guide on how to coding bmw f10 DVD in

  • STEP 1:Connect your car (OBD2 socket) and laptop with BMW
    ENET,and open E-sys software to select your car chassis .
  • STEP 2:Read FA, Read SVF and click Edit FDL on your HU_CIC or
    HU_NBT module where the actual dvd video in motion coding magic will
  • DVD Video in Motion Coding Values

    The values to be changed are the following:
    3000 SPEEDLOCK_X_KMH_MAX -> Change werte to: FF
    3000 SPEEDLOCK_X_KMH_MIN-> Change werte to: FF
    3000 VIDEO_HANDBRAKE -> set to: nicht_aktiv
    3000 VIDEO_FRONT_LOCKED -> set to: nicht_aktiv
    3000 VIDEO_SPEEDLOCK_CONDITION -> set to: none=00

  • STEP 3:Activate FA and Code FDL in order to activate video in
    motion on your BMW F10 car.
  • This mod can also be used in combination with the Activate Video Playback
    from USB mod so you can have another cool feature that also allows you to
    watch DiVx, Mkv and almost all other video formats you can think about. Great
    also for playing music videos while driving.

    Note:HU_CIC don’t reproduce video from USB. NBT does

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