How to connect and set BMW INPA K + DCAN USB interface to use with BMW ISTA Rheingold software?

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How to connect the K DCAN USB interface to work with BMW ISTA software?Step 1:Connect the INPA K + DCAN cable to the laptop or PC, then install the driver program. Next open “Device Manager”, open “USB Serial Port(COM3)” attributes, choose “Port Setting” and “Advanced…”Set the COM Port to 9, Set the delay timer to 1, and click “OK”Step 2:Open C: /EDIABAS/BIN/EDIABAS.INI. with notepad,check“Interace = STD:OBD”.Set “TCP Port=6801”Open C: /EDIABAS/BIN/OBD.INI, check“OBD Port=COM9”Step 3:Connect car and laptop with INPA K + DCAN cable, run BMW ISTA software, click settingChoose“VCI Coding” and “Ediabas standard settings(ediabas.ini)”, then click okBack to the main menu, then click operate, choose read car data, click completeNow waiting for the vehicle recognition processThis is to connect the INPA cable with BMW ISTA. There is no problem with the test in this guide, but it will not be responsible for any potential loss or damage.

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