How to Delete FSC for BMW CIC Unit by ENET Cable

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In this guide will show you guide on how to use BMW Enet cable or BMW Enet WiFi to
delete FSC for BMW CIC unit.


Connect BMW Enet cable or BMW Enet WiFi
vehicle OBD port, if you use ICOM you need to configure routing.

  • Run CMD as administrator on your PC
  • Then input “ping” (CIC unit IP address)
  • If the connection build successfully,it will show ou as below
  • If the connection build failed, please restart CIC unit or disconnect battery negative
  • Run far software, press “Alt+F2”, then select “Netbox”

Select “FTP”, input CIC IP address “”

  • Login type:Normal
  • User name:files
  • Then click “connect”
  • Access “mnt” > “hbdebugdata0123”,then delete files
  • Access “mnt” > “HBpersistencenormswt”,then delete file
  • FSC file is stored in “data” and “swt” folder


Delete procedures


  • Press “F4” to edit file
  • Ctrl+A select all
  • Press “Delete” bottom on keyboard
  • After then press “F4” to exit and save
  • Now restart CIC unit,FSC will been deleted


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