How to do Programming Online for Mercedes Cars?

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How to do Programming Online for Mercedes Cars?

A common question: Does anyone have a solution for how to do programming online for Mercedes cars?

Online programming:

Original online scn coding and authorization ID account from the original Mercedes is required. C4 clone is not possible because MB banned it worldwide. Don’t waste your time.  Go offline programming instead.

Offline programming:

You can do offline programming with SD C4 & DAS offline with database or with Vediamo /DTS Monaco (with calibration files).

How to set up Vediamo or Monaco for SDconnect C4 DOIP ?

I have a successful case to share with you (Credits to @ karakan08).

Recently I have modified my SDconnect C4 DOIP.

With the current config on my StarPC, vediamo is doing his job perfectly over WIFI.

It is detecting the C4 with DOIP – of course I need to connect my LAN cable to the MUX if I really do need to use DOIP.

Vediamo setup:

CBF side:

Sdc4 Vediamo Cbf 01

SMR side:

Sdc4 Vediamo Smr 02

This is my current in DTS Monaco:

CBF Side:

Sdc4 Dts Monaco Cbf 03

SMR Side:

Sdc4 Dts Monaco Smr 04

Related Operation Guide:

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If you are unfamiliar with Vediamo or Monaco, it’s time to leave the known territory behind and start learning new stuff!

Look at Moe Vediamo + DTS Monaco Engineer System Training Books

Sdc4 Vediamo Dts Book 05

It is packaged with 1pc * DTS Monaco Engineering Software Training Book

1pc* Vediamo Engineer System Training Book

Sdc4 Vediamo Dts Book 06

Use LAN cable or Wifi for DOIP?

I have only used the LAN cable for DOIP (because it is a requirement), for wifi it is not so stable.

Someone feedbacked “DTS Wifi work only with the new variant of clone (“XC4Plus or sd connect c4 Plus“).
DOIP Setting C4 DTS see images below. Don’t forget press the “ethernet Activation” than.”

Sdconnect C4 Plus Doip Setting C4 Dts 07

Sdconnect C4 Plus Doip Setting C4 Dts 08

This is not true . Sd c4 work by wifi DTS monaco must only transfer Toolkit folder from Xentry to DTS and all work perfect.

Besides, you should have proper ip and proper serial number for doip. Here you for for sdconenct C4 DoIP setting procedure:

Related Operation Guide:

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