How to Download Honda iHDS and Program A Honda/Acura?

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How to Download Honda iHDS and Program A Honda/Acura?

Honda and Acura have a platform that you have to buy subscription from it.  After purchase subscription and download software, you can use a Honda J2534 passthru device to do anything you want.

Honda HDS vs iHDS

Part I: How to Buy it, Download it and Activate iHDS?

So what you need to do first you have to have internet.

You are gonna internet explorer you don’t go by google because when you pay the bill for the subscription it will not go through here.

You can write Honda Tech Info, then you click you will get this Honda tech info on the express, click on Login

Already have your login in, so you click OK

Download Honda Ihds 1

Download Honda Ihds 2

Download Honda Ihds 3

Download Honda Ihds 4

Now here you click to get the subscription. You’re gonna scroll down.

You choose 45$ for one day, $200 for 30 days or $1,800 for 365 days.

Download Honda Ihds 5

Download Honda Ihds 6

Download Honda Ihds 7

Download Honda Ihds 8

You have got a login, you want to pay by Paypal or you want to pay by Credit car.

Buy now after you put your information.  You have to display also what language whether you need French Canadian French.

You have to put the language. They have a disclaimer you have to accept the disclaimer agree.

Honda Acura Software Installation And Subcription: How To Install it (Window 10 and Up)

If you want to download the software, you are going to click here if they ask to put the password for registration.

There is also a software installation instruction pdf.

Download Honda Ihds 10

Download Honda Ihds 9

You will download Honda Download Manager on your desktop, install the Download Manager.exe

Download Honda Ihds 11

Download Honda Ihds 12

Download Honda Ihds 13

Download Honda Ihds 14

Download Honda Ihds 15

Download Honda Ihds 16

Then run Download Manager

Download Honda Ihds 17 Download Honda Ihds 18

Those are the software that are going to be updated and downloaded

you can click Honda Donwload Manager tool to see what is going on with the downloading and upgrade

It will give you all the steps when you download for the first time.

After that you can use a passthru device to do anything you want.

Part II: Set up J2534 Passthru, Diagnose and Program Honda/Acura with iHDS

Run iHDS Diagnostic System software

Select a J2534 Passthru: DST-i, DST-nano, GNA600, Autel MaxiFlash VCI/JVCI, VXDIAG VCX SE, Honda HIM etc


Download Honda Ihds 19


Then you can do Immobilizerm ECM, PCM, PMCS, IMOES, PGM-FI etc programming, check manual here:

Honda i-HDS Immobilizer ECM PCM PMCS IMOES PGM-FI Programming Manual

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