How to Enable Tesla Service Mode with Launch X431?

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How to Enable Tesla Service Mode with Launch X431?

Launch X431 tutorial: How to Enter/Enable Service Mode for Tesla Model 3/Model Y/Model S/Model X.


The benefit of Tesla Secret Service Mode:
Though Service Mode is tailored for technicians or Tesla owners with a deep understanding of their vehicle, it offers a new level of engagement, providing detailed insights that can help troubleshoot, reset, calibrate, and even configure new parts.


Device required:

Launch X431 diagnostic tool PAD VII, PAD V, Pro5, Pros3+ etc

Tesla software V10.15 and above

X431 App version V7.03.037 and above

Tesla LAN diagnostic cables

Launch X431 Tesla Lan Adapter 1


Tesla software and diagnostic cables need to be purchased separately.



1.Find the vehicle’s LAN port and connect it with the dedicated LAN adapter cable. Generally, the LAN port of Model 3/Y models is on the lower left of the steering wheel; the LAN port of Model S/X models after 2019 is on the lower right front of the co-pilot, as shown below:

Activate Tesla Service Mode 1

▲ Model 3/Y LAN port location

Activate Tesla Service Mode 2

▲ LAN port 5PIN of Model 3/Y before 2022 (need 5 PIN Converter)


Note: Some models may need to remove the baffle to ensure the normal insertion of the adapter cable, as shown in the figure below:

Activate Tesla Service Mode 3

Activate Tesla Service Mode 4

▲LAN port RJ45 of Model 3/Y after year 2022 (Need RJ45 converter)

Activate Tesla Service Mode 5

▲ LAN port 4 PIN of Model S/X after March 2018 (Need 4 PIN Converter)



2. Connect one end of LAN cables to vehicle, the other end needs to be connected to the RJ45 port to the RJ45 port to the USB converter, and the USB end of the converter is connected to the device, as shown in the figure below:

Activate Tesla Service Mode 6

(Note: Some Launch X431 scanners have RJ45 ports, and the adapter cable can be directly connected to the device).

For other models, check pinouts in Part 4 here


3. Make sure your X431 scanner communication mode is set to Bluetooth mode.


Step 1: Click “Personal Center”-> VCI

Activate Tesla Service Mode 7

Step 2: Click “VCI” more than 8 times, and you will see a hidden menu “Diagnostic Connector Connection Management” will appear.

Step 3: Click “Use Bluetooth communication mode” to set to Bluetooth mode.


4. Connect X431 scanner with vehicle (insert diagnostic connector of the device into OBD port), turn on ignition switch, select Tesla software-> Manual Selection, select the corresponding model, For example Model Y is selected here, then select LAN function

Activate Tesla Service Mode 8

Make sure network is connected, device is set to Bluetooh mode and cable is well connected, press OK to proceed.

Activate Tesla Service Mode 9

Enter Service Mode, check content on your vehicle dashboard screen

Activate Tesla Service Mode 10

Activate Tesla Service Mode 11

5. After successfully enabling the “Service Mode”, you can see the “Service Mode” on the vehicle’s central control screen, indicating that the vehicle has successfully entered the “Service Mode”, as shown in the figure below:

Activate Tesla Service Mode 12

Activate Tesla Service Mode 13


Click the [Service Mode] menu on the vehicle’s dash screen to view vehicle alarm information and some bus data streams, and perform some commonly used special functions, as shown in the figure below:

Activate Tesla Service Mode 14

For example: coolant replacement, steering angle calibration, etc. (For specific special function menus, please check [Service Mode] -> [Diagnostics] on the vehicle screen).

Activate Tesla Service Mode 16

Service Alerts

Activate Tesla Service Mode 17

CAN Bus viewer

Activate Tesla Service Mode 18

Vehicle Information

Activate Tesla Service Mode 19

Driver Assist

Activate Tesla Service Mode 20

Battery menu

Activate Tesla Service Mode 21

Activate Tesla Service Mode 22

Heat control menu

Activate Tesla Service Mode 23


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