How to encode via DTS Monaco and ECU Unlock

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How to encode via DTS Monaco and ECU Unlock on SEED KEY Calculator on DTS Monaco DIY for Mercedes

Hello friends. today I will show you how to code through Monaco and open access to engine modules, automatic transmission or other modults through the seed. I showed you the same thing through the vediamo program, the link is in the descriptions.

A lot of people asked to teach and show the encoding for Monaco program. Therefore, today I will show the work on Monaco and gaining access to the modules. I do it through openport, you can do it through VXDiag or C4 and etc. For example, today we turn offf the Eco mode

We Select the SMRD file, you can select several pieces at once

In my case, the M274 engine is MED40. You can view your engine via Xentry

In this module, you can change whatever you want but at your own peril and risk.
For example, I show on Eco

Choose disable. The code Changed from D0 to Co

Access closed.

You also need to send a command as on Vediamo, but Monaco dees this for you

Copy 4 bytes

Insert. If you write the code incorrectly, the there will be an error

If you can’t fix the code either, because the code changes every time.

For this, get the code again

Check ECO Mode

But on a new car, even if you turn off Eco, Eco wills still work

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