How To Install Custom Benz Lighted Led Colored Star Emblem On Benz W204

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This article will show you how to install a custom Mercedes-Benz lighted LED Colored vehicle decklid star emblem on Benz C-Class W204.You can wire up this light when you turn on your headlights and tail lights. In my case, we need it light up only when I hit the brake.


Extend about ten feet the positive wire and two feet ground wire since the original line is too short

Remove 4 torx screws by screwdriver


Remove the plastic trim screws by trim removal tool


Disconnect the little emergency button so that you can completely take the trim panel off from your vehicle


Remove three white posts to release the star from the trunk


Get some rubbing alcohol and thoroughly clean where the vehicle star was at

Run the wires of the brand-new star through one of the three holes


For the positive wire, ran it all the way across the trunk down the hinge, behind the panel and right to the area where the fuse box is at.

Tapped it into the blue wire going into the connector for the taillight


For ground wire, wired it to the brown wire.


Put some waterproof tape or use some silicone cover the hole


I put some double-sided tape in the center area to thicken up the center area since the star backing is flat but where is your vehicle is curved. Then mount the star and push it on firmly to the vehicle

Let’s check how is it look


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