How to Install JLR Pathfinder on Win7 and Win 10

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How to Install Jaguar & Land Rover JLR Pathfinder on Win7 and Win 10

This is a step-by-step guide on how to install JLR Pathfinder on Windows 7 and Windows 10.As we know JLR SDD only supported Jaguar and Land Rover before 2017, but JLR Pathfinder can support new vehicles after 2017. (It can not be supported before 2017)Preparation Download SDD Pathfinder Software and Driver for JLR DoIP VCI. (Pathfinder V374 was discontinued)Procedure After extracting, you will get the below filesDouble-click “Jaguar_Land_Rover_Connect_Updater_v2.exe” to run the installationSelect the language you needJust follow the setup wizard to click “Next” to finish the installation.Click the “Finish” button to do the installationClose the WindowsAnd now it will run an updated installer for your PC, Find it on your taskbarIt will take a long time to download and install Pathfinder on your PCMake sure your PC has more than 300GB of free space on your C:/ drive, it only can be installed in C:/Wait for download and installation process like below all 100%Now please go back and download the “JLR Pathfinder” folder to open the “JLR Pathfinder Loader” folderDouble click “JLR Pathfinder.exe”(Note: if your anti-virus kills it, please disable your PC anti-virus software before installation.)It will prompt you to run this program’s new license key, then click “OK”Now you get this message,just press “CTRL+C”,and sent this HWID to us( tech team will send you license key file, after then put the license key file in the “JLR Pathfinder Loader” folderNow double-click “JLR Pathfinder.exe” to runMake it a desktop shortcut to desktop, and if you want to run Pathfinder, you need to use this JLR Pathfinder to run.Note: Please delete the “JLR App Launcher” icon on the desktop, and do not run it, otherwise, it will not work.It will show you three versionOnline/Offline/EngineerSelect which version you needInput your user ID and password, select “Independent Operator” and click “OK”Now it runs

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Before Starting:
Notes: Please ensure that you have all of the OEM tools and system available for all dealer-based online coding programming jobs; for programming flashing updates, original dealer VCI is a MUST, also a good stable power supply is always recommended, especially for Porsche, Mercedes, and JLR online ECU programming, for Taycan campaign updates, PIWIS IV the latest is recommended. (Car diagnostic tools involved: BMW ICOM Next a or BMW Esys EsysPlus4.2 or ISTA BMW, Mercedes Xentry Diagnosis with VCI C6 original, Audi ODIS with Geko, Porsche PIWIS 4 with PPN login, Land rover JLR Pathfinder with JLR DOIP, JET Master/SX-Tool)

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