How to install Land Rover Jaguar SDD V164 on Win7 or Win10

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What is JLR SDD?

JLR SDD software is specialized modular programming and diagnostics software for Jaguar and Land Rover.  The diagnostic system usually reads the error code and provides it to the user.  The user will then analyze the codes and determine the vehicle’s fault from the data provided.
Land Rover: L316, L319, L320, L322, L359, L538
Jaguar: X100, X150, X202, X250, X350, X351, X400

JLR Jaguar SDD Function

Here are some key functions of this software that you can refer to:
1.  Read error codes and analyze error codes for repair.
2.  Monitor vehicle activity data.
3.  Record current ECM and TCM data on the vehicle.
4.  Key programming.
5.  Throttle adjustment.
6.  Programming the engine electronic control system.
7.  Read data and other special functions
Note: For JLR SDD software, you must have an online account if you want to program.

JLR SDD software requirements

–   Windows 7 (64-bit) or Windows 10 (64-bit)
–   Core i5
–   RAM at least 4GB
–   Hard Drive: 256GB SSD.

JLR SDD software Free Download

How to install JLR SDD software V164

Step 1: install SDD_164.00.001.FULL
There are three items in the JLR SDD 164 folder: Driver, SDD Patch, and SDD_164.00.001_FULL

Open SDD_164.00.001_FULL application
Choose the setup language

Accept the terms of the license agreement
Read the SDD and Firewall compatibility
Select the destination drive>> language
If the Adobe Reader date is expired, then the system will prompt “The installed level of Adobe Reader of date is out of date and in order to use SDD as intended this needs to be updated. For further details please navigate to the system information page.”
Click OK to continue
Then start to install
Install HV Safety installer

Install MOXA UPort 1110/1130/1150 Windows driver

Wait a moment till the JLR SDD V164 is installed successfully.
Before you can use the program, you must restart your computer. Just select restart now or later, and then click “Finish”

Step 2: install SDD Patch
Extract SDD Patch folder
There are 5 items inside:
read me.txt
说明 (instruction).txt

Click JLR.SDD.Offline.exe, and you will get a JLR.SDD.user.txt which contains user ID and password

Then you can run JLR SDD program with them to diagnose vehicles.

If the communication device status is not ok, and the VCM is disconnected, run JLR.SDD.Offline.Fix.2020.7.14.exe, and the problem can be solved soon.

How to install Land Rover Jaguar SDD V160

1.Open the dealer website to download the SDD software;

(Computer system : windows 7 sp1 32bit,Applicable to car diagnosis before 2017)

2.Install in sequence according to the software version number, and each software installation package is complete and prompts you to restart the PC;

3.After the installation is complete, use the Land Rover DA/VCI diagnostic interface to connect to the vehicle;

4.Read ecu;

5.Read car information and faults;

6.Land Rover diagnostic interface and diagnostic software applicable to it;

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