How to Install OEM Orange 5 Programmer Software?

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Note:For OEM Orange 5 programmer software,you do not need install software.Only install the Orange 5 programmer interface driver,then you can use software directly.


How to Install OEM Orange 5 Programmer software in XP system?

Open the download folder,and click to open [software] folder


Copy the “orange 5 v1.34” folder to desktop


Connect OEM Orange 5 Programmer to PC,then it will prompt you to install

Select “Install from a list or specific location (Advanced)”,and click “Next”


Select “Include this location in the search”


Click “Browser” to select the driver file you paste on desktop,then click “OK” to continue


Please wait while the wizard installs the software


Right click “My Computer” and select “Manager” to open “Computer Management”

Select “Device Manager”

Now check the “ORANGE5 USB”,it show can not work.


Please disconnect Orange 5 programmer and then connect it to PC again

Now check the driver work normally.


Open the orange 5 v1.34 folder you paste on desktop

And double click “orange” to run it


Now you can use Orange 5 software.



If you want original Orange 5 programmer,please check below link:

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