How To Program Ford Mondeo Mk3 Keys To The Ecu

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How to program Ford Mondeo MK3 keys to the ECU

Here is the quick quite to program the ford mondeo mk3 keys to the ecu.

If you need to re-program the ford remote control for any reason here are the instructions for both the early style Mk1 Infra-Red Locking and the later Radio-Frequency type. You can identify your type by looking at the remote key, where the key shaft joins the plastic key housing. If there is a little “glass eye” looking out at the key then you have Infrared locking, if not then it’s radio frequency. Further key details are available here

If you are programming a new key for a car which contains a PATS immobiliser then you may need to have a new immobiliser transmitter programmed by Ford. If however you have a damaged/worn key with a removable PATS transmitter then you can carefully remove the glass tube from the old key and swap with the new key. Without a PATS transmitter embedded in your key the new key will unlock and lock the car but will be unable to start it.

Infrared Programming Instructions:

Put your key into the ignition and turn to position 1 (Radio). After approximately 10 seconds the red alarm control LED (next to the clock) should illuminate. As soon as it comes on remove the key from the ignition – the LED should remain lit.
Point the remote’s “eye” at one of the front door sensors and press the rear button until the light on the transmitter illuminates (Keep the button pressed)
With the rear button held in press the front button 4 times then release both at the same time. The control lights in both clock and fob will flash 4 times to indicate programming complete.
Turn the ignition back on to exit programming mode
That just saved you approximately £40 from Ford – Why not help this site by donating just £1?

Radio Frequency Programming Instructions:

Insert the ignition key and turn from position II (Ignition) to position 0 (All off) and back four times within three seconds.
Remove the ignition key. The locking control system is now in “learn mode” for the next 20 seconds and the red warning system LED (By the clock) stays on continuously to indicate this.
During the 20 seconds press one of the transmitter buttons. The remotes signal and code number is learned by the locking module and is indicated by flashing the warning system LED.
Wait until learn mode times out (20 seconds) or switch the ignition back to ON.
That just saved you approximately £40 from Ford – Why not help this site by donating just £1?

Two Stage Unlocking:

Possible on all Mk3 cars and some of the later model Mk2 cars with the 3 button remote, this method allows the drivers door to be unlocked on its own with the rest of the doors remaining locked unless the fob’s unlock button is pressed a second time. You can switch between modes at any time by following these instructions:

With both lock and unlock buttons depressed at the same time, wait until the indicator lights flash once. When complete two stage unlocking will be activated / deactivated accordingly.

Mk2 Key Upgrading:

If you have a 2 button remote key you may be able to upgrade to a 3 button key quite easily. If you can hear a motor operating when you press the release button on the boot then all you need to do is buy a new 3 button key. This additional button allows remote opening of the boot. The key sender part number is: 1132448 and is around £30.63 from Ford – you also need to key shaft and cutting which should be about £3 on top. They will try and charge you another £30 for programming – don’t take it and follow the instructions listed here to save that money!

PATS Programming:

Again depending on the year of your car you may or may not need to have PATS programmed to your module. PATS is the immobiliser system used by Ford to safeguard your car from being started with a fake key. You can hook up Ford dealer diagnostic software Ford VCM2 IDS It’s wiring and operation is kept a close secret for obvious reasons however should you need to program a key here are the instructions.

PATS System I:

This system uses a solid RED master key KEY NUMBER SEVEN IN THE GUIDE without this key the system can not accept new keys and will need to be taken to ford. To program a new key:

First insert your red master key in the ignition and turn to position II. When the control light (in clock/trip) illuminates turn the ignition off and remove the key.
After approximately 2 seconds the control light illuminates again for a short period.
When the control light goes out you have 10 seconds to program your new key.
Insert the new key in the ignition and turn it to position II. The control light illuminates to indicate a successful programming operation.
Remove the key.
PATS System II:

This system hasn’t got a red key, instead it needs already programmed keys to access programming mode.

Insert the first already programmed key into the ignition and turn to position II
Turn back to 0 and remove the key
Insert the second already programmed key into the ignition and turn to position II
Turn back to 0 and remove the key
Key programming mode is now activated and you have ten seconds to:
Insert the unprogrammed new key into the ignition and turn to position II
Turn back to 0 and remove the key
Allow 10 seconds to pass for the system to exit programming mode.

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