How to Program Porsche Panamera Key

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How to Program Porsche Panamera Key?Panamera-1Step 1:Read out data of BCM.Locate the BCM of the Panamera, it is below the steering wheel.BCM is divided into 3 type:315M,433M,434M frequency. You need to choose different frequencies and adapt related BCM. Smart keys are divided into entry smart keys and half-smart keys.How to Programe Smart Key For Porsche Panamera-1 How to Programe Smart Key For Porsche Panamera-2 How to Programe Smart Key For Porsche Panamera-3Open the BCM, after you remove BCM. And locate the chip in the immobilizer data store. It is at the lower right corner of the BCM PCB board. The chip model where the immobilizer data is stored is 1L15Y, 2M25J, and 5M48H.We can use VVDI Key Programmer, key master, or AP-pro to read out the EEPROM data form chip and save it on your computer. Or we can supply the EEPROM data as per request.How to Programe Smart Key For Porsche Panamera-4 How to Programe Smart Key For Porsche Panamera-5Step 2:Generate KeyOpen the key programmer software, and select the Porshe edit tool. Select a related chip model. Put new key into coil of AP-pro to read key ID, check key state.Then select” DFLASH data”(it will load the EEPROM data you save in step 1 on your computer). Now, it shows the key information, key number, and VO…. Select the unused key position, then click to generate the dealer key. The device will generate a new data file. You need to write back this data to BCM. Then installation BCM back to Panamera.Done!0-6Note: Another way to replace.We do not need to write new data back into BCM. Connect VVDI2 or AP-pro to Panamera by OBD port, and select OBD to learn the function of VVDI2 or AP-pro to load a new EEPROM file.

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