How To Register Autel Products

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How to Register Autel Products?

A. Register tools in official website:

Step 1. Go to Autel official website and click “Create an Autel ID”
Create an Autel ID

Step 2: Complete the form remarked with “*” and click “Get verification code” to obtain a code and check your email for code.

Get verification code

Step 3: When the form is fully completed click Create an Autel ID.

Create an Autel ID

Step 4. Sign in with the Autel ID you created

Step 5. Go to “Product Registration” to register Autel tools.

Product Registration

B. Register on tool itself. (Tablets only)

Step 1: Register notification will pop up when logging into Maxisys->Update.
Click register to start registration process.


Step 2: Sign in with Autel ID and password.
Click OK when seeing “Log in” succeeded message.

Step 3: The SN and registration password will be extracted automatically.
Click “Register” for registration.


Step 4: Will see registration successful info and click “OK” to finish the whole process.

C: Register the tool on APP (APP device only):

Step 1: Once sign in with Autel ID, will be at the Bind VCI screen.
Step 2: Click “scan” and “scan the QR code” on AP200 itself, then click “Bind“.

Note: APP devices can’t be registered in website.

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