How to Register Porsche Cayenne Battery with Autel AP200?

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How to Register Porsche Cayenne Battery with Autel AP200?

After a battery replacement for the Porsche Cayenne 958 battery replacement, battery registration needs to be carried out. The Autel MaxiAP AP200 obd2 scanner is the cheapest option to do that.

I bought an AUTEL AP200 bluetooth dongle. It costs less than $70 and uses your iphone/android device. It supports Porsche Cayenne for BMS/OIL/TPMS servicing.

Battery Registration on the AUTEL MAXIAP AP200

AP200 is easy to setup with your phone. Download the Porsche profile which is free as your 1st manufacture profile. You have to pay $21 extra if you want additional manufacturer profiles.

  • Has an OBD2 interface, you plug the dongle underneath the dashboard on the driver side, just above the accelerator pedal
  • You set your car profile you use manual or automatic but you need VIN number, which is located on the boot door frame on the right side
  • Ran diagnostic scan and clear codes before starting (takes about 5 to 10 minutes)
  • IMPORTANT STEP. Performing the battery registration.
  • Serial Number. I used the old battery serial number because VARTA batteries don’t have one. Its either on the BEM code sticker or use the diagnostic tool, look under the battery change history (under Gateway Live Data)
  • Part Number. I used the PORSCHE OEM Part: 000915105CF, which is the same as the VARTA H15 battery
  • Make: Varta
  • Performing BMS.

When you do the BMS on the Autel AP200, don’t select the Porsche Cayenne as the model, because it won’t allow you to execute the settings. The button is greyed out. So to get around it use the Panamera model instead which has the same BMS interface and allows you to execute the command. I sent email to Autel to request them to fix it.
– Once done it will set the battery age to 100% and your battery profile is updated.
– Run another full diagnostic scan but this time using the Porsche Cayenne model, and check the Gateway Live Data option and check the battery information and the battery change history to validate the profile is updated.

It took less than 5 minutes. New battery working perfect!

Final Thoughts

  • Now that Ive done this, I hope to never do this again! Hopefully the battery will last long enough so I can upgrade to a newer Cayenne 9YA model when they are affordable (battery under the foot rest)
  • Highly recommend the VARTA battery or similar high spec battery. $200 more than the cheaper batteries but provides faster cranking and longer life. Also I think VARTA are the OEM batteries for Porsche
  • Highly recommend the AP200 bluetooth dongle. Aside from the BMS issue, its a great entry level tool with a ton of features for only $66.99. Already learning so much about my car. Maybe upgrade to the MX808 tool, but so far AP200 is fine for the basics.
  • Highly recommend to do the battery registration. I ran my old battery way too long to the point I had to nearly jump start it everytime I drove it (I didnt drive much due to pandemic), and didnt realise the onboard computer automatically shuts down some electrical components to save power! Example is my front parking sensor not working for nearly a year, Porsche quoted me over $1000 to fix it. But after I did the battery registration they work fine now. Also noticing little improvements in fuel efficiency and power.
  • I have used my Autel MaxiAP AP200 on Porsche 981, 991.2 and 718 as well, using just the free initial download (Porsche software). It will scan and read all systems for faults and will create a written PDF file for your records, prior to resetting the faults. Worked great on my 718 when I have the PPF installed and they disconnected my battery, as the car threw up faults in just about every system that needed to be reset. The one item that is not in the Porsche software is the ABS Brake Controller Fluid Bleed. Yet it does every other DIY service I have needed. Plus I like that it works without the need for a Windows PC or Apple computer. Works off my Phone or Table. For a versatile lower cost OBD II Reader/Reset Tool with some good Service Functionality, the Autel  AP200 is worth investigating.
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