How To Repair C2200 Code Abs Lights On For Dodgechrysler

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This guide will show you the process of replacing the ABS module to repair the C2200 code as well as ABS ESP BAS and traction indicator lights illuminate. This applies to Dodge Caravan, Chrysler Town and Country and many Jeep vehicles.

If the ABS, ESP-BAS lights come on, I’ve already replaced the wheel speed sensors, but it didn’t bring any improvement. We find that the ABS module with fault code C2200 was bad from using the scanner.


Take your Dodge or Chrysler and get rid of it.

If you can’t, you’ll need to take a 10mm socket or wrench and disconnect the negative battery terminal. This is very important especially on this vehicle as some things can get mixed up.

There are for fasteners on ABS module, unscrew them

Pull module out and disconnect the connector underneath wire

Make sure new module seals is same as original, take all old seals and replace new ones.

Plug new ABS module back in

Everything back in position was then done. Drive about 100 miles and everything will be relearned and all your lights should go out.

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