How to Repair Mercedes Benz 48V Mild Hybrid Battery with CG100?

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How to Repair Mercedes Benz 48V Mild Hybrid Battery with CG100?

Here is the tutorial on repairing the Mercedes Benz 48 volt mild hybrid battery using CG100 Prog III or CG100X programmer.

01: 48V Battery Benefits
By using a 48-volt electrical system in new Mercedes-Benz vehicles, the car can be powered solely on the electrical system battery instead of using the drivetrain batteries. In fact, these drivetrain batteries can be removed altogether, making the vehicle safer overall because there aren’t dangerous amounts of electricity traveling through the car.

02: Device to repair 

CG100 Prog III programmer

or CG100X

03:  Model affected

2015 onwards Mercedes Benz W167 W205 W213 W222 etc

04: Symptom

Battery Malfunction, limits the output, car fails to start

1. Instrument cluster message 48 V on-board electrical system battery (G1/3) in yellow or red
2. Vehicle does not start

05: Common Fault Codes

B183349: There is an internal electrical fault.

B183371: Actuator is locked

B183384: There is a signal below the allowed limit

B183319: The battery for 48V on-board electrical system has a malfunction. The actuator is blocked.

06: Causes

Collision accidents, battery drain, electrical short circuit etc., will cause the chip data on the battery management system (BMS) to be locked.

07: Solution

Replace the battery or modify chip data, then charge the battery to standard voltage

08: NOTE

check and confirm the vehicle is equipped with M256 or M264 engine computer.

Different engines have different data modification approaches.

09: Repair Guide

There are two types of battery module: straight and elbow



Wiring diagram to Benz 48V battery module

Repair procedure is the similar.

How-to procedure:

Here take an example of 48V battery elbow type.

Remove and disassemble the battery

Locate IC chip 95M01

You can see the IC chip when you open the upper case of the battery. This chip controls the operation of the entire battery.

In CG100 software, select Programmer- 8 foot chip- 95M01

If with CG100X, select BCM->Benz->48V starter battery->W167/W205/W213W222->2015- 95M01

CG100 will show you the wiring diagram

Solder IC chip to BDM4 adapter and connect with CG100

Then read and save eeprom data.

Send the original data to CG engineer.

You will receive a modified bin file.

Write the new bin file to repair battery module.

Install battery back to the vehicle and charge it to standard voltage.

Check the previous guide How to repair Porsche Cayenne Lithium Battey with CG100

The difference is that CG100 comes with built-in write data for the Cayenne battery. At Mercedes, you need to send original data to CG engineer to obtain modified data.

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