How to replace BMW FEM/BDC with used one?

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How-to: replace FEM/BDC with used one in F series when have communications with original.


Device used: AutoHex II for BMW

•Unlock original FEM/BDC using working key in Autohex II
•Read and save ISN from the original FEM/BDC using the secret file you got after unlock(ISN Manager option 4)
•Save FA from FA manager
•Connect used FEM/BDC on Autohex
•Unlock and reset mileage for used FEM/BDC
1.Using working key if it has one
2.Using option 3 without isn and key

•After getting the secret file for used FEM/BDC go to isn manager option 4 and write the isn saved from original
•Change vin for used fem from CAS replacement–>Advanced
•Program key if needed using secret file for used
•Load already saved original fa to used one from FA manager
•go out of coding/programming and come inside and Program GW and Body from Indiv Programing
you can do this steps if you have key for used fem.

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