How To Reset Ford Mazda I Stop System

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The idle stop system of new Mazda vehicles is gaining popularity due to the benefits it offers to the driver, in particular the ability to save fuel and be more environmentally friendly. But when we change the battery or repair a car, sometimes we have to disconnect the battery, then the i-stop system doesn’t work. And the error message as shown below, the red i-stop light keeps flashing.

This warning light tell us the system need to be reset, so the i-stop system can work again. Today I will share it with you
To reset this system we have 2 ways:
The first way is to use diagnostic tools: you can use Mazda VCM II, and the latest version of Mazda IDS software.
The second way is to reset manually, this way is quite simple, just follow the correct procedure
Step 1: Start the engine to operating temperature. Turn off all electrical equipment (lights, A/C, radio, etc.)
Step 2: Turn the key OFF
Step 3: Turn the key ON but do not start the engine. After turning ON within 5 seconds press and hold the i-stop OFF button for 3 seconds

Step 4: Start the engine
Step 5: Press the i-stop button. Make sure that the blue i-stop light is blinking. If not flashing, go back to step 3 .
Step 6: Let the engine idle for 10 minutes or until the green i-stop light goes out
Step 7: Turn the key OFF, wait 1 or 2 minutes
Step 8: Start the engine, run the car and check the operation of the system

Note the conditions for the i-stop system to work

* I-stop mode must be on
* Doors, trunk and hood must be closed
* Seat belts in the driver and passenger seats must be used
* The air conditioner cannot be set to max or min
* The steering wheel must not be turned more than 60 degrees and the speed of the steering wheel should not exceed 15 degrees / second
* Parking on ramps no more than 7%
* Release the accelerator, hold the brake pedal, the car must at a complete stop
* The battery must have enough capacity for the vehicle to operate. So when you just change the battery, you have to start the engine longer to fully charge the batter

Step 9: If the system works normally, congratulations, you have successfully reset it.

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