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How to reset the Porsche 997 Engine Light ONPorsche 997 2009 year with 52,000 KM, the driver owner described: the check engine light always on. This article shares the way to reset the Porsche 997 Engine light.check-engine-porsche-1367426499Trouble diagnosis: I connect Piwis Tester II or PIWIS 3 to the vehicle and read out these trouble codes: P0171: System too Lean (Bank 1) P2195:  O2 Sensor Signal Stuck Lean Bank 1 Sensor 1 P2414: O2 Sensor Exhaust Sample Error Bank 1 Sensor 1; V424 received from the HVAC control unit data is invalid; V0101 Communication transmission control unit. P1628:  Transmission control unit communication P1619: Communication transmission control unitRead out the real data: as the real data described, the O2 Sensor Bank 1 displays a mixture too lean, the fuel close to idling of Bank 1 correctly adapts (RKAT) to 3%, O2 Sensor 1 still displays a mixture too lean (as the following table shows), so the control unit displays the above-mentioned trouble codes.Table 1

Serial Number Data Range Before repair After repair
L010 Fuel Correction Average Value Bank 1 13.5% -1%-0.8%
L020 Fuel Correction Average Value Bank 2 -0.97%~0.91% -1%~0.29%
L070 O2 Sensor Bank 1 2.8v/0.4v 2v/0.7v
L080 O2 Sensor Bank 2 1.9v/0.4v 2v/0.6v
L300 RKAT Bank 1 3.49% 0.35%
L310 RKAT Bank 2 -0.25% 0.29%
L320 FRAU Bank 1 2.00% -3.23%
L330 FRAU Bank 2 -4.14% -2.53%
L340 FRAU Bank 1 0.00% -0.17%
L350 FRAU Bank 2 -3.78% -0.13%
HO10 Intake air 19.3kg/h 14.4kg/h
Throttle opening degree 3
H040 correction factor -3.4%~9.2% 9.5%

Trouble code reset: After changing O2 Sensor Bank 1 Sensor 1, the trouble code is resetted.

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