How to Reset Service Oil for 2004 Audi A3 via VCDS

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How to Reset Service Oil for 2004 Audi A3 via VCDSThis short instruction will show you a guide on how to reset service oil by VCDS for the 2004 Audi A3.This function is also suitable for Volkswagen, Seat, and Skoda.Procedures: Connect VCDS to vehicle OBD port, running VCDS. Click “Select” to select the control moduleHow-to-Reset-Service-Oil-by-VCDS-for-2004-Audi-A3-1Select “17-Instruments”How-to-Reset-Service-Oil-by-VCDS-for-2004-Audi-A3-2Select “Adaptation -10 “How-to-Reset-Service-Oil-by-VCDS-for-2004-Audi-A3-3Click “Documented adaptation channels can be selected here”How-to-Reset-Service-Oil-by-VCDS-for-2004-Audi-A3-4Select “Service Reminder”How-to-Reset-Service-Oil-by-VCDS-for-2004-Audi-A3-5Input “0” for the New value, then click “Test”How-to-Reset-Service-Oil-by-VCDS-for-2004-Audi-A3-6Select “Mileage since Service”, input “0” for the New value, then click “Test” and “Save”Noted: Increments 1=100kmAdaptation channels 40-49 must be entered and stored in the following order45>42>43>44>49>40>41>46>47>48How-to-Reset-Service-Oil-by-VCDS-for-2004-Audi-A3-7Save Value: 0To Channel: 40With WSC: 00046Click “Yes”How-to-Reset-Service-Oil-by-VCDS-for-2004-Audi-A3-8Select “Service Reminder” , input “0” for New value , click “Test”, then “Yes”How-to-Reset-Service-Oil-by-VCDS-for-2004-Audi-A3-9Click “Done, and go back”The function is ready. Enjoy!

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