How To Rest Parameter For 2008 Ford E350 Via Autel Maxiim Im608

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Today I’m going to use the Autel MaxiIM IM608 diagnostic tool to do a parameter reset for a 2008 Ford E350. I just reprogrammed a used PCM for this vehicle, so the red light keeps blinking on the dashboard. That is the anti-theft system functions, which is not letting the vehicle start.

All I have to do is to reset the parameter, here we go to the Autel IM608 scanner.

IMMO >> Accept >> VIN >> Auto detect >> Ford(USA)

Manual selection >> Ford >> USA >> E-series >> 2008-2009 Blade Key

Immobilizer(CAN) >> Immobilizer remote control learning >> Parameter reset

Turn the ignition on, press “OK”.

Warning: You should only perform this procedure if you have replaced either the PCM or PATS on this vehicle. Press “Yes” to continue.

Learning successful, press “OK” to complete.

It is surprisingly quick, now the red light is off.

I’m gonna turn off the ignition to see if the light has gone. All right, it is completely off.

As you can see, Autel IM608 Scan Tool does do a parameter reset in 3 minutes.

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